Monday, March 22, 2010

Glowing T Shirt

Bravely allowing the bird to sit on his hand!
Viewing gallery at the Planetarium near lake Gardens

Ethan's favourite place - Space Theatre @ Planetarium

Cool room. Gets the kids all dizzy inside and a slide to eject you out.

All systems go....checking out the controls in a shuttle

It was a crazy week for me but for the kids it was a whole lot of fun! Imagine going back to the Planetarium in Lake Gardens two days in a row. The second trip wasn't planned. It only cost us RM1 for 3 of us to get into the Planetarium (if not watching the movie). It's a good place to cool off, take a view of the Kuala Lumpur city by telescope, watch a movie and see some exhibits on space. However, what really entralled Nic was being in the lift that goes up to the viewing gallery. When the lift door closes all is dark except for a fluorescent tube that makes the white parts of our garments and our tickets glow!

I did not realise it was on Nic's mind the whole day and night after that. The next day, he planned early in the morning to wear a white T shirt. He still didn't tell me what he was up to until we went to the Bird Park and then he asked if he could go back to the Planetarium because he wanted to see his WHOLE white t shirt glow! Fancy that! :)

Ethan, however, wanted to watch the same movie (Dawn of the Space Age) twice in the Space Theatre. It's a big circle screen that surrounds the whole dome above you. When the rocket passes you, it feels like you are watching it fly above you. The movie cost RM3 for adults and RM2 for kids. No additional cost to enter the Planetarium if you are there to watch the movie. Great effects!

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