Monday, March 22, 2010

Splashing Fun Time At Gabai Waterfalls

My home group made a trip to the Gabai Waterfalls on 14 March 2010. I read on someone's blog that it's beautiful but filled with rubbish and the toilet stinks. We got there early about 8am and found a perfect spot for the children. There was a table with stools by the stream and an empty dustbin next to it. No stench, no filth, just icy cold water and lots of splashing fun. Steffi shouted "Hey Aunty Liz, want to go on exploration?" I had earlier brought them to a tiny rapid and it was quite challenging for them as the rocks were slippery but when they finally settled on the rocks for their little jacuzzi time, they just started going back for more. They even made the slippery rocks their slide! It was good to see the adventurous side of the kids especially Nic. I spotted him climbing rocks. Fearless!

Thanks Dennis for showing us the way there and to the curry fish head place in Semenyih. :) Wish you were there Tony and Min Yi! I just want to thank God for a wonderful day out and for allowing us such a good spot and fun filled time! :) Thank you Jesus!
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