Monday, March 22, 2010

Candlelight Singing with Jesus

Ahhhh, after a whole week of school holidays, finally peace and quiet and some resting time for me. It has been very difficult to fit in quiet time with the kids around, the only time is to wake up early between 5.30 am to 6.30 am and pray they won't miss mummy. Still, it's hard to get up so early to sing praises to God sounding like a frog!

At Deeper Life Seminar they discipline us to start with singing praises to God followed by thanking Him, then praying in tongues, then reading and studying His word and ending with meditating upon His word.

So, I was really thrilled to be able to finally sing praises to Him today AND at a sane hour. It just isn't the same if I just jump into His word. After some time spending with the Lord, I went about my usual stuff like preparing my lunch. At about 4.30pm, there was power failure! No electricity! No worries I thought, just chill out at the patio and spend more time with Him. Thank God for the lovely cool breeze and the absence of mosquitoes. This time I reviewed the notes on Hebrews by Leong Tien Fook. I ended up lighting candles all over the house in preparation of the dark. It feels like Earth day today. I could hear the sound of drums and piano from the nearby houses- entertainment without electricity! With the candles lighted, I feel like I am in the jungle. It occured to me that maybe He wanted me to spend more time with Him. Maybe He missed me too! :) I took out a torch and sang praises to Him with candles around me. Candlelight singing with Jesus. Then as I lay on the carpet, one of my neighbours shot fireworks into the night sky. It was a pretty sight. Right after that, the lights came on!

Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus! After all, I am still a city girl at heart! It was an unusual day with the Lord....

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