Monday, March 29, 2010

The Miracle of Love

Two weeks ago, I asked Dr Leong Tien Fook about what he thought of miracles in miracle rallies today. I asked him about Isaiah 53:4,5 and Matthew 8:17 and about the fulfillment of Jesus bearing our sickness and infirmities. I asked him about the simple faith that the people had in the New Testament for healing. Lisa Choy just told me today that last Thursday Dr Leong shared on why miracles seems to abound in Old Testament and as for today, it is usually more evident in the frontier areas where there are no churches. The reason is because these miracles are necessary to authenticate the Gospel - that God is present. I remember I asked Dr Leong, “You mean baby faith?” and he nodded is head.

He said in cities and towns where the church has been planted, the sign of the presence of God is the Miracle of Love found in John 13:35 “By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

In today's world, a church or believers who exhibit this is a powerful testimony - more than miracles.

I knew it was spiritual attack when I was just too tired to go for class on the Exposition of Hebrews because of the flu. I know Dr Leong was probably expounding more about what he shared with me two weeks ago.

I thought his answer was good enough for me that miracles are only seen in rural areas because somehow I had lost God (as in spiritually dry), I had forgotten what the cross meant, why He says I am an overcomer today. The miracles He has shown me in my journey was enough to increase my faith and kick start my love relationship with Him all over again. Then, I also realised that we were meant to be united in love. God sent us the Holy Spirit who prompts us to encourage others and that is more powerful if we were to do it on our own strength. I must confess in walking in this journey, at times I get discouraged or I fail to understand why others can't fall in love that easily with Jesus. Then, I realized that I was like that. I was also spiritually dry, also very busy doing my things, also having my own agenda. So many thoughts come to my mind, why this person this, why this person that and I realised now that it's not about others but just walking with God, discovering Him all over again, understanding who Christ is in my life and that same love just compels us to love another. It's just that..anything more than that is "works". Anything more than that is glorifying oneself and not bringing Glory to God. For He is able to use us to touch others, to encourage others, to bring them back to Him. That's allowing God's spirit to love others and not by our own strength.

On Thursday, the day I wasn’t feeling well, I received a call from YC (also suffering from lung cancer). I know God put us together so that I can encourage her because she was feeling fears all over again. We’ve been in contact before. I am encouraged when she is encouraged after that call. But that Thursday night I went before God and said “You said Lord your yoke is easy your burden is light”. I could not understand why YC could not just place her trust in Him. Almost immediately, Steven Lee called me and encouraged me. Amazing! Praise the Lord! I told him the burden I felt which I know I should not have. Then, he made me remember again that it is the Holy Spirit that guides us to encourage others just as how he was calling me but that we should not take the burden upon ourselves but to commit it to God. I know God gave me the scriptures to share with YC because she said she was encouraged but I have to learn to cast all my cares unto Him for He holds us all together. That’s how the family of believer works. We love one another out of the love He poured out to us. We encourage each other and lift up each others’ spirit and help each other point to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. That’s the miracle of love.

And this Friday on Good Friday, I remember His love for me all over again when He sent His son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for us and Jesus' love for me that He took God's wrath upon himself so that my sins, past present and future, are cleansed and that everything is alright between God and I now.

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