Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I will be going for a ct scan on 15 March 2010. I am confident in the Lord and the victory won. Medical report may or may not reveal that but my trust is in the Lord! Praise the Lord! Thanks so much for all your prayers for me. I am so touched that even children are praying for me nightly. Just the other day Joel asked how is my sickness? Hmmm, how do I tell him my sickness has been put on the cross already and the victory won. I just told him I've no more sickness. It's gone. Can you just pray for Aunty Liz and thank the Lord for healing me. Tammy's daughter told her "Mummy, you say this gone that gone, how am I going to pray for Aunty Liz?!" And little Yang Yang says "But Aunty Liz looks fine!". Even little Ethan says "Mummy you are strong already! You can carry me!".

Praise the Lord for the victory won. Thank you Jesus for you paid the price for me and bore my sicknesses for me 2000 years ago. Thank you for the measure of faith you have given us all and the same hope that we have in You.

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