Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Miracle Rally 13 March 2010 7pm Saturday 51A/221 PJ

I will be graduating shortly from Deeper Life Seminar 2! How fast 8 weeks passes and by next week there will be a graduation dinner again.

Here's inviting you all to the miracle rally. Do bring your family and friends who need to know the Lord, who needs healing in their lives be it physically, emotionally, mentally or even financially. It's the Lord who heals. Ps Vernon Falls has been anointed to minister healing.

There is translation for chinese speaking that I know from the last miracle rally. I expected a hall last year with everyone standing up but it's actually a nice comfortable air conditioned auditorium!

Come and be blessed! I was crying so much last October during the miracle rally. Still God works His healing in His own timing. Just keep going to these rallies to lift your spirit and be encouraged. You can see the miracles He works as testimony to His power. Ps Margaret Falls shared that she didn't immediately get healed from a miracle rally for her asthma (near death too) but she continued to walk close to God. She said in her case God told her to drop all her asthma medication except the inhaler. She just continued to seek the Lord until one morning she woke up and all asthma left more wheezing sound. As for me, the lesions continue to disappear as I continue to trust the Lord. God works healing through many ways (some instantly, some not instantly, some by laying off hands, some just by the touch of the holy spirit), there is no set formula so just come and be encouraged remembering ulitmately God through our faith in Jesus Christ is our healer.

Miracle Rally
13 March 2010
Saturday 51A/221 PJ
Next to Sato building off Jln 222

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