Monday, March 15, 2010


Today’s visit to the hospital took us 6 hours. I am so thankful for hubby by my side. I went through a ct scan and bone drug administration called zumita. As always, Henry’s the first to dig into the report but today I am calm about the whole thing knowing that Jesus is by my side. Henry says it’s good – unchanged but it’s a sign that there’s no further growth and the cancer is dying. My doctor with few words confirmed it as unchanged. But really I felt God’s peace with me this time and no matter what the report says I would just trust in Him alone.

We did have a little scare today when the staff said we can only claim 1 box of tarceva per visit, meaning we would have to cough out RM8,500 for the other box of tarceva. In the end, we only bought 10 tablets (cost of over RM2,000) over and above the one box we could claim from insurance so that it would not be a blow to our cashflow. Praise God for quick maths in the head! My next visit is 3 May 2010.

While waiting for the fluid to work inside me in preparation for the ct scan, I asked God what he has in store of me and He assured me success, my beloved. I just felt His awesome love again and started tearing. So, I had no fear this time at the scan room. Praise the Lord! Even the setting of the line (hey, I finally found out what it is called since I am not so fearful I get to listen to the conversation around me), the doctor found my vein with no problems.

The nurse at the chemo day care centre later said it is very common for people to have rashes once the contrast dye goes into our body during the ct scan procedure. I am very thankful that none of that has happened to me. Praise the Lord indeed! But the stinging pain when the dye goes in that seemed to stretch my veins beyond all imaginations remains even though the pain lasts for less than 30 seconds. I kept crying out “Jesus help me” silently but before that I was happily singing in my mind “The joy of the Lord is my strength my strength”.
Thank you for all your encouragement. Indeed we have a big great God who will not fail us. He has given us His holy spirit and that same power that raised Jesus from the dead is with us. That’s why we are overcomers for those who believe in Jesus. Thanks Ying Chee for your encouragement of

1 John 5:4,5
for everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith. Who is it that overcomes the world? Only he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God.

When He says He has a plan to prosper me, that He will multiply my seeds sown, that He will increase me a thousand fold and by His stripes I am healed, I am greatly assured that He watches over His word to perform it and His words will not return to Him void.

Meanwhile, I walk by faith and not by sight - believing God’s words over the circumstance (the medical report, what I can see today). Hope for what Christ has promised me is for the future. But faith is now.

Thank you Jesus for being with me today at the hospital, for Henry and for all my family and friends upholding me in prayer. Thank you that you are a faithful God and the assurance you have given me in Your word. All glory to you Oh Lord!


  1. Praise the Lord Liz - He is good indeed.

  2. hi liz, just wanted to say that i love you and i am so happy to hear your good news update. do keep blogging and sharing. i have been so greatly encouraged by your faithfulness throughout this trial. praise God indeed. xoxox

  3. God is a gracious and wonderful God whatever the outcome may have been.... We are thankful that you are well and trusting Him all the way. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers!!!

  4. Hi Alina & Russell,
    Yes He is indeed. Praise the Lord. :)

    Dear Ee Leng
    Hi hi! Good to hear from you!! :) Hope all is well with you in Kian Ming.

    Dear Wendy,

    It's a wonderful journey wherever He is bringing me and I am so glad u r in it with me. Thanks for your encouragement. :)