Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dear Stephen

Hi cousin! Thanks for your encouragement. :) I pray you will be able to find your mum's bible and ride the high waves with me! You just need to let go to Him and I guarantee you it will not be disappointing! If your mum's bible is a King James Version, I would suggest you to get an easier bible to read. I started off with a "New Living Translation" bible. Man, it was so easy to read and so light and small, I carried it everywhere to read, even while waiting for my pizza take away order. I wrapped it up tho' so no one would look at me weirdly. That was 11 years ago!

Bibles have their own story. Like I shared with you, the bible that I am reading does not even belong to me. I found it at the back cupboards behind the PA- sound system. Nobody seemed to claim it and it was always there when I couldn't find a bible at the pews right at the back of the church. One day, I took it home. Only because, I was starting my quiet time at home although very slowly. I felt more comfortable with this bible I found in church because after the sermons, some passages stuck to me and I can roughly remember which part of the bible, top right or bottom left of the page. I always have in mind to get a similar bible and return this bible to the person. Believe it or not, his name and handphone number is in the bible and his address is in Penang!

After going through so much adventure with God, I really really would like to return him this bible with my tags and all to show him how wonderful his bible has helped me through this journey and I ma sure he would be pleased to know how his bible has helped someone be healed from cancer! :)

So, last Friday, when dear Dennis Liew offered to get the bible from me from Canaanland, I said alright, please get it from me. Everytime, when I step into a bookstore I can't decide what to buy. My ideal bible would be a pink bible, not too big but large printed. There is no such bible and I keep walking out of the bookstore empty handed, disappointed each time. When Dennis offered to get for me, I did not hesitate! He has gotten me a pink bible (a girl's backpack bible) in NIV version! I know I know I can't have everything. I think it would have to be two bibles to satisfy me. But thanks to Dennis. It is certainly a joy to see Dennis come out from his discouragement over the church crisis and now so passionate with Christ once again and I mean really passionate!

So, dear cousin, I pray for a perfect labourer to come across your path to take you to a church that will really speak to you and may you accelerate and surf with God! :)

G'day cousin. Love you!

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