Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hangkai at Jonkers

I had a little "hangkai" at Jonkers Street, Malacca over last Friday and Saturday with the family. It's my first overnight stay holiday since 30 June! I would normally be very organised about everything but this time I just decided to flow with Jesus. And how easy it is too because before I knew it, I had packed my clothes, the kids' clothes, all food stuff, prepared my own meal for lunch and dinner ahead of time. We stayed at Hotel Puri which is a quaint little hotel in the heart of Jonkers stay. It has a beautiful courtyard and the kids love playing there as well. The kids loved the trishaw rides, the boat ride and eating ice cream. We were pleasantly surprised by a roadside martial arts demonstration by a Mr Ho. He could flip playing card 2 storey high, eat fire and break a coconut with his index finger! Powerful! Ethan and Nic was enjoying their ice cream more. Thankfully, Ethan did not ask to be carried. Whew! It was quite easy this round which shows how grown up they all are now. Praise the Lord! The holiday did make the cough which I had gotten from Ethan worse. But thanks to your many prayers, the cough has subsided. I seldom cough but there is phlegm. All in all, I thank God for a restful holiday in Malacca and the joy of walking the streets of Jonkers with my family. :)

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