Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Under Attack Again But Standing Firm

I am so proud of Henry. He withstood the fiery darts from the evil one! Just a moment ago, Henry was on the way to submit some receipts to the Inland Revenue Board at Jalan Duta. Just as he begun his journey, a big truck whizzed passed his car and pebbles fell on the windscreen and there is a crack on the windscreen now. Yes, another one. The first hit was on 30 June 2009 during my first diagnosis at the hospital. On 30 June 2009, after we were hit by bad news from the results of the x ray, Henry went home to collect my clothes and a big pebble made a hole on the windscreen. I just looked at Henry as he told me what happened then and said "Talk about Murphy's law!"

Anyway, back to today's incident. As we was reaching IRB, a motorbike stopped right in front of him, leaving him no chance to do anything but brake and his car hit the back of the motorbike. The rider's registration plate fell off. Thank God the rider wasn't injured.

Then Henry called me and told me what happened. I was quite upset because these days I claim Psalm 91 for the family, cell group members, FBC members and those without home groups joining FBC. But Henry tells me, God still allow trials to happen as he wants them to learn from trials.

So, we prayed to God for further protection and praised Him that Henry had not changed his windscreen yet! Later, he called me to tell me that the lady at IRB was very cooperative and pleasant and if not for these 2 untoward incidences, everything would be smoothsailing. Then, it hit me that it was the devil at work again - again, at Henry's weakness regarding his car.

Normally, Henry would start to swear and curse but this time when he called me, he sounded rather calm and we prayed to God immediately. The fiery darts had no effect on him and bounced off him! If he had been in a foul mood, the lady at IRB might have picked up his grumpiness and gave him a hard time but because he was unphased and trusted the Lord, she was a blessing to him. Praise the Lord! Praise God that Henry stood firm and trusted in God and not on his own understanding!

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