Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ethan is blessed, protected and healed!

This is another testimony of God’s amazing love for us each time that we just acknowledge Him first in our lives. I just need to share with you after also learning that we are to testify and magnify His name. He enjoys our praises so what God loves, I will also do. :)

On Saturday afternoon, 17 October 2009, Henry and I decided to take the kids to the club for a swim. Wow, we have not swum since our holiday in Kuantan (just shortly before my diagnosis in June 2009). My mum told me not to not take them out since they have not fully recovered from cough. But, I hardly hear them cough except in the early mornings where they have dry throats. Ethan had a WEE bit of sniffles but I told my mum if we were to wait for them to get completely well, it might be a long way from now because something always seemed to come up. So, we will go in faith. Nicholas and Ethan were overjoyed. Ethan recognizes the big swim bag and he knows that colorful bag means we are off to the waters! Alas, it started to pour at 3.30pm. Nicholas started to feel anxious because he knows we won’t get to swim if it rains. I told both of them to start praying and within 30 minutes the rain stopped! Praise the Lord!

On the way to the club we prayed that the kids will have a great time and that He will protect the children from any bugs thereafter. We claimed Psalm 91. We reached the club and then we saw one spot of rain on the windscreen. Then we heard thunder and saw flashes of lightning. We prayed "Lord, please make the thunder and lightning go away". It did seem the rain was moving away. After the kids changed, it started to drizzle. Henry told me to wait at the covered restaurant above the pool. So, I saw the kids having a blast of a time, bopping up and down, splashing water, running through all the series of pools, sliding etc. I was hawking them from the restaurant…he know, just to be sure because both the kids can't swim. It was Deepavali and the restaurant was awfully quite. Only a voice from a friendly gwai loh who spoke loudly across the table, “Your young lads in the water?” he smiled.

It drizzled for a whole hour and that whole time the kids were playing in the pool, enjoying themselves to bits with Henry. Even Ethan got a little braver and finally stood in the deeper kids pool and bopped up and down confidently in his swimming vest. I noticed too he has grown taller! The thunder got further and further away and there wasn’t any lightning, just drizzle. I was worried for the kids but still confident He would grant us our prayers.

As soon as we finished dinner, got into the car and Ethan had his milk, Ethan fell asleep and continued sleeping at home. As he was sleeping on the bed, I heard him toss and turn because he started having a bit of difficulty breathing. I said to myself“uh oh, this is it – stuffed nose". But I prayed and propped him up on the pillow to breathe better but he still tossed and turned and whined. Miraculously, after a short while, he started breathing better and slept till the next morning! I was so touched by God’s love for Ethan. I thanked Him continuously, over and over again. He assured me that He loves Ethan and Nicholas more than I did! I only need to focus on Him. I was reminded again of God’s great love for us – I cried. I woke up at 3 am Sunday morning to give Him praise and glory and He blessed me with heavy rain – thunder and lightning and all! If you know me very well, you will know I love the rain, I love very heavy rain. I love to see lightning! Because it reminds me of God’s greatness and might. As long as I am safe in the house or in a car and I can enjoy in my safety, I love it. It lasted for one whole hour, throughout the length of my devotion. He knows I love heavy showers and lightning!
And praising God at wee hour in the morning also prepared my heart for worship at 11am. Thank you William for your worship leading. It was awesome. I was blessed. Tears were flowing and I felt God’s awesome presence. It was your prayers, your praises to God, the songs chosen and the lyrics that spoke to me. Yes, Jesus, You are name above all names. There is power in Your name. There is power in your Word. There is power in the blood of Jesus. And we can all receive healing because you have made it possible for all of us to be overcomers because of what You did on the cross. We have victory now. All praise be to His name!

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