Thursday, October 22, 2009

Miracle Rally 31 October 2009 Saturday 7 pm 51A/221

Wow! I can't believe it! I will be graduating soon. I was pleasantly surprised that there would be a miracle rally as part of the Deeper Life Seminar. It will be held on 31 October 2009, a Saturday at 7pm. All are invited. I will be a student during the miracle rally, and being part of the many teams involved in this miracle rally. It's big! There will be miracle healing choir, wall of fire (that's my team!), deliverance team, miracle healing team, salvation team and not to mention, usherers and parking attendants. Each have a role to play but it will be ministered by Rev. Dr Vernon Falls. He has ministered in over 100 nations of the world with mighty signs, wonders, miracles and gifts of the Holy Spirit.
My team (Wall of Fire)'s will be praying the whole time (4 hours) we are there, so no chance to be with you guys. :( But I am sure you will be so filled with God's presence, you won't need me by your side and I will be praying very hard for all of you. Even as far as 2 weeks ago, our team has been praying for all aspects of the Miracle Rally and the prayer time alone is awesome. Led by Angeline Sung, I am beginning to learn how to pray in authority as well. We start out in praying in the understanding for each prayer and then ask for the holy spirit to lead us in a perfect prayer in which we start to pray in tongues. Sometimes, I am filled with tears because even though we pray for healing for people out there, I am also receiving healing because of the presence of the holy spirit.

If you have never been to a miracle rally and if you know of loved ones, friends who need healing (from sickness, emotional problems, relationship problems, financial problems), salvation, deliverance from bondages etc, please bring them along. After I read Katherine Kuphlan's book, I finally understood how a miracle rally works (see my blog "Eelech - No power whatsoever"). I always thought it was some powers given by God to the healer. I've been to 2 other rallies before and both brought me to tears filled with the holy spirit! So, it doesn't matter if we understand or not, it is really experiencing God's awesome power, God's awesome presence and watch miracles happen and even to you too! Because, I finally understand, that it is the holy spirit that heals. Sometimes, it takes just a word that the pastor speaks and *poof* or *ting* (gently) you are healed because the holy spirit touched your heart. It's so beautiful. It doesn't matter if you are an unbeliever or not. God is for all. He loves us so much. I just pray you will be able to find the place and get a car park. Oh, someone, please bring Aunty Beverly. Kim Kee, please bring your mum. Please share this with Alison, Dr Mano, Sandra Chong and Nancy. Karen, please bring your frined's uncle. Even those facing relationship challenges or depressed, come. For those who does not know Jesus, come and witness His awesome power and believe. :)

Miracle Rally
Venue: Renewal Luthran Church (under the Lifeline International Ministries)
Lot 5, Jln 51A/221
Petaling Jaya

Time: 7 pm

Map: Click here

Parking information
Parking within the church is reserved for the elderly, the infirm, families with children and newcomers. You can park near the church or a parking lot marked prominently as "RLC Parking" along Jalan 223. Shuttle vans run every 5-7 minutes an hour before and after the service. On rainy days, please drop passengers at the main porch of the church. If you are walking alone to the vehicle, feel free to ask for an escort at the guard house.

With Jaya Supermarket on your left, Jaya 33 on your right, go straight till you reach traffic lights. Turn left at the traffic lights (mosque on left) and go straight till you reach another traffic lights. Go straight till u reach another traffic lights but just keep going straight. No need to stop at lights. Go straight for quite some distance on Jln 223 until you see a no entry signboard on your left ahead of you (means you can drive no further). Take a left turn BEFORE that signboard. Follow the bend until You reach RLC church on your right. Turn in and drive past the front of the building till you turn into car park on your right.

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