Sunday, October 25, 2009

Missions - 2nd Chance Ministry

Ever experienced a time where everything seem to be connected together, one thing happening after another – unplanned, and everything comes together and it finally hits you that God is in control? Today is a day like this!

Here’s my journey thus far:

Diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer 7 July 2009 ---> surrender to God ---> discovering God---> follow friends to discover more about Jesus & healing --->meeting different Christian groups ---> discovering prophetic words for me & Henry for missions ---> start a blog ---> discovering the power of the holy spirit ---> learning to praying victoriously ---> joining Deeper Life Seminar to be close to God --->praying for Aunty Beverly, Baby Megan, salvation for family & friends ---> discovering power of prayer & seeing miracles in other people’s lives as a result ---> re-discovering God’s grace ---> resting in the Lord & being led by the holy spirit ---> seeing a few visions ---> making a stand to be "bold as a lion" ---> seeking prayers to prepare heart for mission ---> received altar call to pray for FBC, nation & call to share God’s word to the lost ---> begin “2nd Chance” ministry 25 October 2009

That was interesting. I have not actually charted my journey thus far so this is really an interesting observation for me as well. It seems to be a journey of discovery (not self discovery but discovering God and then discovering who I am in Christ). Interestingly, there is just no thought to the sickness once I have embarked on this journey because the adventure is just too exciting to think of less important things!

Today, the only reason why I put up my hand up in church when asked if I felt a calling to share God’s words to the nations is because he has called me but I don’t know where to go from here so I really wanted Chris Abner to pray for me. Thank you so much for praying for me today.

Uncle Allen had asked me earlier to join him and a group of friends in a ministry to minister to those diagnosed with cancer which I have agreed to. Yet, I know his calling for me is also much more – to South East Asia, it has been prophesied. I know the “2ndchance ministry” will be my first taste of missions and I am very excited about it. I actually didn’t know that Uncle Allen planned to discuss in detail and actually launch the “2nd chance ministry” TODAY! I thought he and his prayer warriors were going to pray for me and we would worship and sing praises to God. But having made that altar call and having already discussed with Henry about it and having prayed about it before, I am all ready to begin this ministry with my uncle and friends. Isn’t it amazing how it all fell together? God is amazing. Uncle Allen said “I am sorry you had to go through your trial to prepare yourself for this ministry”.

It reminded me when I was first born again 11 years ago, I was so happy that I came to God on my own without any trials. Still, it took me 3 days and 3 nights of crying over the baggage of sin I carried till the time he forgave me but at that moment I wasn’t in any trial. Christians always proclaim that sometimes God puts you in a trial so you can learn and discover how much you need Him. Well, 11 years ago, I wasn’t facing any trial but I still needed Him and I was proud of that fact. :)

Now, comparing that time and now, I must say, a trial made me escalate so much more in faith and with a stronger desire to evangelise. I remember I was so passionate to share Christ the last time too but because it wasn’t life and death, I wasn’t exposed to other Christian groups and I was still in my bondage of fears and not knowing how to break free from it! So, even though I had a passion to evangelise, it all died down quickly as I did not know how to move further due to my fears. Now, that I’ve learned how to pray in authority and the power of binding and loosing and learning to die to self daily, discovering everyday the meaning of God’s grace that I am able to be led by the holy spirit. It’s like a crash course in Christianity over 4 months! But also because of the life and death situation that I got to meet so many pastors from many churches and learning so much from them!

I pray that you will be as adventurous and just yearn to learn more about Jesus. Do not put hindrances of unbelief or doubts before you as it will prevent you from locking 100% with Jesus and you will always wonder how come miracles only happen to others. I learned that the holy spirit will give you the ability to discern even if you jump into the unknown (where previously you think it is too charismatic)! It helps to have a steady partner like Henry so in a way, it is also good to have your Baptist friends standing beside you! :)

Check out our new ministry “2nd Chance” at

In this ministry, we bring a message of hope, healing and life to people diagnosed with cancer, regardless of what stage they are in, religious belief, racial or family background. I had my second chance in life because of Jesus. He can do the same for you too.


  1. hi new bunny,
    i think its wonderful that u r ministering to others and make yourself available as a vessel. you are offering real, 1st hand experienced hope of healing. May god use you for his mighty name.
    inspired by u,

  2. Thanks Fee. It's amazing how natural the journey is - how he guided me through all this and to this point. I am in awe. I am also in what He is doing in your life and it is great that we can learn so much from each other. :) Praise the Lord!

  3. Just so blessed by you praising Jesus in the written word....brace yourself Liz for:

    I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.
    John 14:11-13 ... Uncle Allen