Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day of Encouragement and Showers of Blessing

There's always showers of blessing before even greater news is received. The last results was like that too - with songs of praise and good time with friends. Last night, I had a whole day full of encouragement. I felt such showers of blessings. I got to chat with my old friend, Sharon Tan from Melbourne and my dear cousin Stephen from Perth. I was so delighted to receive sms that he read the prayer I blogged yesterday to receive Jesus and to be saved. Praise the Lord! Hey, Stephen, I am marking this special day, 30.9.2009, down for you. Your prayer is just between you and God and I will continue to pray for you. :) Then, Pesala called. This special lady whom I only got to know better from this journey, has been such an encouragement to me. To see her life change after she committed her household problems to Jesus really encourages me beyond words. She has managed to restore her relationship with her husband and now he goes to church! Her husband has even allowed pastor and Hamir to pray with him. That is a new man with a new life! Praise the Lord! Then, my old friends, Yew Leong, Freddy, Clarence, GC together with Aunt Rita and Uncle Richard visited me out of the blue! What a day of blessing! In addition to that, because Henry attended a prayer meeting amongst friends for this Sunday's Church Business Meeting, I was baby sitting Nicholas and Ethan last night. What a joy it was to have my family reunited with me over the week day!

This morning, I went for a chest X Ray. Alright, no drama today! I am so glad there was no needles involved. Praise God once more for his confirmation. My X ray report says marked improvement from the previous X ray and my main tumor keeps shrinking! It's now only 1.4cm only which is smaller than the previous ct scan of 2 cm. Doc is so pleased with progress that she was all smiles today saying "It is VERY good loh" as she compared 2 X rays. I love my doctor because she doesn't give me too many details but with such few words, it almost makes me laugh! She did comment I have very dry skin and could do with moisturiser and even a facial. Actually, I do have moisturiser but she told me to get a really good one and to visit the counters to get my face analysed first. Which I did! The lady H2O shop at Sunway Pyramid gives really detailed advise and even dissuades me from certain of their products eg I need a product that balances the moisture and hydration and not just hydration. While at Sunway Pyramid today, Henry and I managed to catch a chick flick "The Ugly Truth" which I enjoyed tremendously! Sooooooooooooo romantic!

I was reading the SUN newspaper today at the hospital and because of yesterday's tsunami at Padang, the Kugan case and another tragedy of a girl killed by a dropped emergency supply, the words "dead", "death", "kills", "killed" kept flashing at me each time while I was turning the pages, waiting for my turn for X Ray. Then, at the sports section, words like "as good as can be", "up and running" flashed at me. Then, I hear God speaking "No remnant, dead cancer cells. Your lungs are good, up and running". Isn't it amazing how God speaks?

After all in John 10:27, Jesus said "My sheep listen to my voice; I know them and they follow me". We can hear God, the bible says so. That's one thing that I learn from this journey is that God speaks to us through so many ways and means, through His word, through visions, strong impressions, sermons, people, signboards and today, newspapers! Let no child of God say we cannot hear God because to say otherwise would be in disagreement with what He says.

I wait upon the Lord and His finished work because He said He has borne my disease 2000 years ago and by His stripes, I am healed. And I choose to believe, I claim it and hold on to His promise. Thank you Lord, for you are my Healer. All Glory to God!

Thank you for all your support and prayers and that alone is such encouragement to me.

2009.10.01 11:53
Praise god for good news.

2009.10.01 12:18
Tan Yew Leong
So cool. Thank god. I will continue my prays for u. It was great to see u again after so many years. Keep us inform ok. Enjoy the nuts.

2009.10.01 12:19
Great to hear that liz!im so very glad tat ur d0ing so well..ul b perfectly fine in no time im sure..:-)c u ar0und n keep in touch;-)

2009.10.01 12:19
I luv u

2009.10.01 12:20

2009.10.01 12:22
So happy and relieved for u. Keep going we know u can make it. Glory to the almighty!
2009.10.01 12:23

Very good news.
2009.10.01 12:26

Seuk Fang
Great to hear tat!Congrats!Continue v ur healthy diet n exercises!u'r proving to everyone tat v god's help n mercy n ur fightin spirit, u'r gettin closer to win this battle! we'll continue to pray for you :)

2009.10.01 12:27
Steven Toh
Amen. God is gud. Rejoice w u

2009.10.01 12:28
Huey Ling
That's fantastic news! So so happy to hear!

2009.10.01 12:28
Thank God always.

2009.10.01 12:28
Praise God! Hallelujah! God is so so good! Hug hug, kiss kiss!

2009.10.01 12:29

2009.10.01 12:32
Aunt Khwan
Praisa de Lord

2009.10.01 12:35
Aunt Dolly
Praise n thank the lord 4 such great mercies

2009.10.01 12:35
I am so jumping w joy! God is great indeed! *hugs*

2009.10.01 12:36
Lisa Choy
Liz this is such wonderful wonderful news. Thanks for the booster encouragement :)

2009.10.01 12:36
Aunt Rita
Happy 2 hear d. Good news. I will pray for u.

2009.10.01 12:37
Praise d lord!

2009.10.01 12:37
Chee Meng
Amen Praise the Lord. I rejoice wt u.

2009.10.01 14:04
Bee Lian
Yes,truly wonderful to hear that.Praise God

2009.10.01 14:04
Mrs Liew
Ptl! There is now hope 4 Liz n 4 FBC! Yipee

2009.10.01 14:04
Karen K
Praise the Lord! M so, so happy 2 hear of ur progress. God is good & v wil continue 2 pray.

2009.10.01 14:04
Kim Kee
praise the Lord!!!

2009.10.01 14:05
Kok San
PTL!! He is almighty n a miraculous God!

2009.10.01 14:05
So glad 2 hear. PTL!

2009.10.01 14:05
Praise d Lord indeed! We rejoice 2 hear dis amazing news :-).

2009.10.01 14:05
Eric Hew
PTL! Great news!

2009.10.01 14:06
Praise God! He is really at work in you. I was so touched reading yr blog. Take care and look forward to more good news from you.

2009.10.01 14:09
wei ling
V happy to hear news! :-) PTL! we're still praying 4 complete healing! Hope kids r well too. Do they know yr situation?

2009.10.01 14:24
uncle wong
Great news! We are very happy for you and your family. God is great. From Aunty Vivien and me.

2009.10.01 14:24
Praise Jesus for your revival. You have come from the dead to be alive in Him! I listened to the song The God I know. I like more the more I listen!

2009.10.01 14:24
Gods promise 2 us wil always come 2 pass Pesala :-)
2009.10.01 14:33

uncle allen
HALLELUJAH IN THE HIGHEST. Pls include in asean beacon article. DR ALLEN TEH
2009.10.01 14:33

Wei ling
Praying for you n whole family! Takes great faith to leave our lives in God's hands, literally. Glad u're feeling better n stronger

2009.10.01 15:06
chung leng
Great news!! So happy to hear it! Praise God!:-)

2009.10.01 15:12
That's wonderful!

2009.10.01 15:35
Praise the lord dear! So happy to hear tat! The power of god is unbelievable

2009.10.01 15:37
karen t
Praise the Lord indeed. Hey i told dr guna about u. He's shock of coz and he's glad it's improving. He did ask u to email him. He sends his regards.

2009.10.01 15:37
Bran & Siew Lee
V rejoice wit u 2 hear God 's goodness. Keep trusting bran&siewle

2009.10.01 15:57
Hey Elizabeth..that's wonderful wonderful news!! Just knew u will be alright!! You enthusiasm and ever willing to laugh at almost anything attitude is good enough to ''win off'' anything and everything!! Way to go gal... Just keep pumping those ''happy cells''into your body... Just call when u need to talk or anything ok? Don't be a stranger, we may not have been closed..but we' came a ''long way''!! Warmest regards-freddy

2009.10.01 16:05
Steven Lee
Praise God. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, tomorrow & forevermore! Praise His holy name.

2009.10.01 16:10
Stephen Mah
Hi Liz. Thats brillent news, am so happy for you and yr family. Wooo Hooo. :)

2009.10.01 16:16
:-):-P:-*:-) from all of us here! Praise God for his faithfulness! This is our God! This is the God we know!

2009.10.01 16:16
Praise the Lord! :-)

2009.10.01 18:51
Sook Yian
Wow! Truly amazing! Praise and glory to God!

2009.10.01 19:23
Glad to hear this, yes, alleluia !! :)
2009.10.01 20:31

Ps Phillips
Praise the lord for the results. I am praying for divine healing for you. Pastor phillip koh


  1. Liz dear.. indeed Praise the Lord for the further improvement! Really happy for u and may u be completely healed by our great Healer! really encouraged to see you walking so closely with Him..

    see u on Sunday! :)

  2. Praise the Lord! Really happy for u and am encouraged by your sharing.Will continue to pray for divine healing for you. kok fai