Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ethan diagnosed with chicken pox

Thank you all so much for your prayers for Ethan. I really feel at peace knowing that you are there praying for us. Ethan just came down with chicken pox late last night. He had an immunity jab when he was 1. There was an outbreak in his school. Pray that it will be minimal and itchless and would go away quickly in Jesus' name. Imagine, Nic had it before Bali. Now Ethan has it after Bali and Camerons. Pray that it will not spread to anyone. I had an immunity jab during Nic's time of chicken pox. Nic recovered after 10 days but he was utterly bored at home with no play mate except Ethan.

Found out he has a spot at his bum and he cried when I washed his bum last night. That's when I realised it was there. Ouch!

He was tossing a lot and scratching last night. Kept praying and praying and suddenly I had this passage in my mind "Look to the Lord and his His face always" from Psalm 105. So I translated to Ethan in baby language. "Look to Jesus and his strength. Look to Jesus. He is strong and mighty" repeating over and over again while he was scratching. Then the more he heard, he started to focus on Jesus and soon he drifted off to sleep. Praise God forever more!

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