Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Manna from Heaven

I least expected it and definitely not expecting it and still wondering how it happened so I shall say it is a gift from God, a blessing from Him. Praise the Lord! Recently, Henry passed me a letter to open from the Inland Revenue Board. I slit it open but could not open it as I was bombarded by the kids simultaneously and left it aside. I hardly open my mails and the only mail I watch out for are the bills. The rest are opened once in a blue moon. I know - it is something I have to work on. I've designed this in mail system with dividers and all but I still can't apply it! I envy how Henry sieves through his mails and I must interview him one of these days. :)

It was Chee Meng that made me search for my insurance policy and I almost turned my house upside down. But it was during then that I had a chance to open the mail from IRB and discovered that they had approved a refund for tax overpaid because I had made some application before but really, I didn't! It also said to wait for a cheque that would come in the mail later. I managed to meet Chee Meng and passed all the details he needed for the insurance claim and when I got back home I had to deal with all the mess on the floor.

That night while sorting the messy mail, I saw another mail from IRB with the cheque! Hoowheeeee! Praise the Lord!

Ladt week, I was looking up in heaven and then just decided there and then to tell God "I love you so much, I just want to give you an extra RMxxx over and above my tithe this month just to show you that I love you so much". But last Sunday because Ethan was with me due to chicken pox, I totally forgot to pass the money to Henry. Yet, despite all that He still blessed me. Actually, the money was always there but it is just the sequence of events that seems so unbelievable. I never got around to looking at my mail and it may have taken a long while more had it not been for Chee Meng. Interestingly, he would normally ask Henry for the information. It's so strange (the sequence of events) but true. Praise to God forever more! Thank you Lord for your "manna" from heaven.

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