Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Mummy!

Happy Birthday Mummy! May all your birthday wishes come true! :)

Looks like we're eating in a grocery shop. Mummy, me, Tatt King, Sharon (my cousin) and my dear sis.

Brian, Ethan's cousin. You reckon they look alike? Ethan and Calvin in the background.

My mummy is a very sweet and simple lady. I can't believe the fact she turned down a 4 hour spa for her birthday from my sis! What clothes I try to donate she picks it up and wears them. Sigh. Waste not want not.
My mummy is very caring and has a heart for people. She extends her love to everyone in need and even to birds with broken wings. She loves gardening and somehow that has not been passed down to either of us siblings. But we thank her for good skin genes (well at least that's what my good friend Daphne tells me I have). My mum has a life line to Jesus coz like me she cries when she prays to Jesus (or more like I am like her). I believe the Holy Spirit touches us. I think everyone's experience is different but it has been consistent for us. I can tell you (he he) that Elaine gets goose pimples and her hair stands up when in the presence of the Holy Spirit. She would show it to me during class and then I would point to her my eyes. We have a good laugh. :)
So, I thought my mum would love to eat at this organic restaurant at 17 & 19 Jalan SS18/1B, Subang Jaya, called Organic Vegetarian Fresh Mart and Restaurant since they have good and wholesome food and nothing too fancy for mummy to turn down. :) This is our (Henry and I) usual stop after each check up at SJMC. The awkward part is people come around you with their basket while you eat but that gets quite quaint too.
It was a good idea to experience a different variety of food such as lei cha, vege hot pot, fruit rojak, mee sua miso soup and vege sushi. The kids had their own spaghetti and hawaian pizza. It didn't pass Calvin's test. Nic as usual would pull out everything from the pizza leaving only the cheese. Brian enjoyed a bowlful of asam fried rice. Ethan demonstrated his hearty eating of his spaghetti with a sprig of raw pea sprout for each mouthful! My sis said it was very heart warming to see him eat that way. I think it is the way he exagerates every bite with big mouthfuls.
Father God, I pray for Your blessings and favor to be upon my mum and that she will be filled with Your love joy and peace everyday. I know that we will have victory in this journey together as she prays to Jesus for me everyday. I loose the ministering angels to encamp around and about my mum always. I pray for Your blessing of good health and long life for her and that she will always stay close to Jesus.

Happy Birthday Mummy!
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