Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Thank you Boys Brigade!

"Duo duo" lights up, dances to music, eyes with flashing lights that got Ethan dancing as well. :)

This was one of the prizes that Ethan won and chose for himself from redemption of the games coupon that we won as a family together last Saturday at the Boys' Brigade Carnival at Subang. I came with the intention to bless the Precious Home and received abundant blessings instead. Even Anne who saw me redeeming the games points wondered how it was possible to win so many points! Praise the Lord!

We had a wonderful time playing all the games - "roll the ostrich egg over the green hill to reach its target", "throw darts to shoot balloons", "dish out bugs, pins, buttons and marbles from icy cold water to score points", "toss a ring over the bottle", "tilt the board to get the ping pong ball through a maze to its destination" and "knock the cans down". Nic found a new sport - playing darts! Ethan tried all but he's a bit too young for any of the games eg his arm was too short even to reach the bottom of the pail to dig the treasures out from the icy cold water!

Nic won himself a monopoly set which is about a fun fair as well. So brilliant! We ate so much and bought a whole box of crafts and still had left over coupons we had to give them away for others to enjoy. We heard the Boys Brigade raised RM16,000 for the Precious Home. Well done BB!

Ethan's new pet

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