Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sprouting wheat berries

Watercress, turnip, purple cabbage, blue berries, tomatoes, beet root salad wtih lemon, olive oil, pepper and braggs dressing.

Sprouting for the first time! A success! Thank you Jesus!

It has taken me one whole year to actually try it out. It is not difficult believe me. It is like school's science project minus the cotton. It was Dr Ted who told me a year ago to try it out. I was wondering where to get the seeds and how to sprout. You can buy the whole bag of wheat berries from Country Farm Organics at Bangsar Village (same floor as BBQ King). Soak a handful overnight with lots of water and cover it with muslin cloth. I used a food cover. The next day, sprinkle a thin film of water 3 times a day so that it does not dry out. I actually use a sieve to take out excess water. (Others use a cloth bag and hang it over the tap.) I harvested half of it by noon and put it into my salad today. It is nice and sweet.

Watercress, wheat berry sprouts, yellow capsicums, thinly sliced guacamole, chopped coriander, chopped leeks with lemon, olive oil and braggs dressing.

A handful of the salad is made into a sandwich with Adventist bread
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