Friday, July 23, 2010

Jesus Walking on Water Kid's Bible Story

I shared my testimony of spotting the "OV" in the sky to the children during bible study last night. It was in line with a mime that I got the kids to do about Peter in the boat with the other disciples and Jesus walking on water. The children are between the ages of 3 to 9 years and they very active. Several of them wanted to play Peter at the same time and it was little Steffi that pointed out to me that I should have casted lots or used "One, Two, Jus?". Some crowd control please! The blanket became waves, the boat was rocking hard and there were screams when they thought they saw a ghost but it turned out to be Jesus. Still the kids (other disciples) wouldn't calm down except Ivan who played Peter. Whew!

The funny part was when I read out "Why do you doubt?" Yang Yang as Jesus repeated "Why are you so dumb?". I wanted to roll on the ground laughing. So funny. :) (the mime had turned into a skit).

My testimony of "OV" in the sky was supposed to reinforce that even when we doubt He can do something great, He will show His power and encourage us on. I asked the children "Do you think that Father God can write "LOVE" in the sky?". Yang Yang's response surprised me. With eyes rolling (just like his dad's) he said "Of course! God can do anything!". It shamed me because I doubted God until he showed His power to me in the sky.

Yesterday night, I wanted to teach the kids about faith from Matthew 14:22-33 but they ended up teaching me instead. I sensed God telling me "Do not doubt Liz. God can do anything. Have courage and believe in your living God!". Thank you children. Thank You Lord for your children.

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