Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How Lai Met Agnes

It's a really touching story but it is all true. Lai confessed he thought he would be a bachelor forever but because he put his faith in God, not only did God provide him with a wife but a beautiful young wife, capable and organised and the list was so long, it caused her to tear!
And then he sang a song to her.... "From this Moment"..and that made me want to cry...
Henry said throughout the whole time we knew him, he never sang solo before and Agnes has transformed him! We're all really touched and happy for Lai and Agnes in their new journey together. So how did Lai meet Agnes? He met her in 2008 in an International Student Ministry gathering where they were both helping out. Then, they started jogging together and the relationship just grew from there. :) God is good all the time.
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