Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Scrumptious Lunch

Oh, I have to share this recipe with you. One of those days when creative juices are churning and everything falls into place. :)

Shocking Pink Juice

This juice turned out a lovely shocking pink. Should be good in parties. :) Henry is the better juice maker believe it or not. He thinks of balance of sweetness while I think 3 types of vege/fruit are normally sufficient. He goes beyond!

Beet root (1/3)
Carrot (1/3)
Pear (1)
Strawberries (4)
Water chestnut (2)

Blend and pulp it into smoothie.

Yellow Omellete
This is inspired by Jamie Oliver who has taught me what vegetables are suitable cooked together.

Stir fry lots of garlic in medium flame
Toss in chopped fresh mushrooms
Toss in yellow zuchinni (or is that squash?)

Beat an egg. Toss the top ingredients into the bowl with egg and pop it back into the pan until omelette is formed.

Colourful salad
Actually I only had one thing in mind when making lunch today. "You Must Eat Quinoa Today". So, I set out cooking quinoa like cooking rice but with more water (2 water: 1 quinoa) . Then I tossed in a pandan leaf from the garden for some fragrance. Let it cool.

Strawberries sliced (3)
Water chestnut sliced thinly (2)
Small leaves from garden shredded (still don't know what it is!)
Tomato cubed (1)
Carrot grated (1/3)
Capsicum (1/2)

Olive oil
Braggs (soy sauce)
little honey

Toss salad together with dressing and quinoa

Have yourself a srumptious lunch. Very colorful and delightful. Does not happen everyday ie all 4 together - hot, cold, colourful and tasty.

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