Monday, November 2, 2009

Nic's Monsters Turned Into Church

So many things have happened this past week. Watching Nic grow up. For the first time he has started to appreciate that hair swept towards the side is not so bad. Before, he likes it flat down like as if he had a haircut the shape of the bowl. He has also begun to speak life to himself! That is a dramatic change for Nic. He no longer says “I don’t like to go to school”. He actually says “I like to go to school” whether he really does or not. That’s speaking life. :)

We’ve been trying to get him away from drawing monsters to something else that he enjoys. Monsters are good artistically but the evil one might use it against him. The other night, he had a bad nightmare of Henry turned into a monster with long hair. He was so spooked I had to pray over him and cast out all the ugly thoughts. Since then, he has asked both Henry and I to pray for him during bedtime and even on the way to school! That itself is another dramatic change.

Anyway, Amanda, Arnold Lim’s daughter gave me a fantastic idea when we were at the library during the Church Business Meeting last Sunday. She drew a church building with many parts of the church depicting the library, Sunday school classrooms and the worship hall. Nic has always been fascinated with space and has fantastic creations of buildings on blocks. I figured he could translate it on paper and he could learn from Amanda to interpret buildings into drawings in 2 dimension. Nic was certainly very interested and he started drawing his own interpretation of church! It even has a fountain near the car park and musical instruments near the stage. He hasn’t quite learned to draw a side plan so it is interesting to observe how the side plan and front fa├žade gets merged as one! Thanks Arnold for your influence on Amanda as it has certainly given a new interest to Nic. Praise the Lord!

Last Saturday, Henry made both boys sign a promise on paper that they will tidy up their toys after play. Ethan signed his squiggle and Nic signed off with a monster! That shows how much monsters are part of him and I am so glad that there is another outlet on paper now. Oh by the way, Ethan threw that piece of paper into the bin after they cleared the toys ensuring that papa does not use it against them again. Tsk tsk tsk.

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  1. ha ha, so funny, your boys! they sure help you to retain your humour at all times! :) i saw the same change in Joe too, from not liking school, to liking school. never underestimate what god is doing in their lives!