Monday, November 23, 2009

Sudden realisation - Curled Eye Lashes

Eating some greens and tea for dinner at some Jap fusion restaurant. I think God curled my eye lashes during this journey..serious... can't really notice. But I did! Praise God! Praise God! He gives me desires of my heart even though I did not ask for it!
Still sharp nose - unchanged he he

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  1. I see it! I see it! (curled lashes)

    Hi bz bunny! Glad to have you back on the cyber space. Was beginning to wonder what happen to you, and whether you found another burrow.

  2. Ha ha! Thanks Chiew Hwa for your encouragement. YOu're the first to observe it after henry and myself..he's really good to hear from you. Been feeling low for awhile and seeking God to cheer me up. I'm sure glad he sent you today to cheer me up. :) Thanks!