Monday, November 23, 2009

Miracles for 6 year old Nic

How is it that Nicholas can receive 3 miracles in just over a week? It really blows my mind, it increases my faith that God truly loves us and He only has our best interest at heart. All praise and glory to God! God wants me to testify His goodness to everyone and that we have right standing with God when we believe that Jesus paid the price for us. An awesome revelation and I pray that all of us can just reach God and receive this grace from Him to continually receiving blessings in our lives everyday.

It all started on Friday evening (13 November 2009). Henry and I were making our way down to fetch the kids to Friday's home group meet. We heard from my mother in law that Nic was complaining of head pain. He's a kid. He normally doesn't have headache. So my mother in law was worried for him. We prayed in the car against all work of darkness working against us from going to our home group. I was so sure it is a spiritual attack. Usually happens of Fridays. When we arrived home, we found a happy cheery boy and he told us there's no more pain. Yes, my guess was right - spiritual attack.

On the way to Cheng Yi's house, Nic started complaining of head pain again. So I started praying by laying hands on him and also praying in tongues. I wasn't too conscious of Ethan or my maid looking at me because to me, this was real serious and I was using my authority in Christ to fight against the work of darkness. Soon after, Nic asked us to stop the car as he wanted to vomit. So, we did and I continued to pray for him. When we reached Cheng Yi's house, he vomited another round. This I was shaken. Was it really spiritual attack or is my son really sick? Hamir and Steven Lee was there to meet us as we had invited them to join our fellowship for that Friday. Hamir prayed for Nic outside Cheng Yi's house.

Henry then took Nic to the nearby clinic. Unfortunately, it was closed and took him instead to the emergency at Damansara Specialist Hospital. He took a queue number and Nic was crying lying down over several chairs complaining the whole time.

Meanwhile, we started our home group fellowship. About 30 to 40 minutes into our sharing, I received a call from Henry to say Nic is well and they were coming home. What?? What happened? Apparently Nic suddenly got up and said "Am free. No more pain". Then he asked Henry "What does free mean?". I was so delighted when I heard it because I knew he was free from the devil. Later, Steven confirmed that it was God that set Nic FREE. Nic doesn't use the word free in such context so I am doubly sure it is from God. Praise God! Praise God! Praise God! I was right all along. It was a spiritual attack but even more beautiful is that God rescued Nicholas. Later, on the way home, Nic asked "Why does the devil want to bully me?" I said because the devil has ZERO love. Where God is love, devil is hate, where God is light, the devil is darkness. He was curious what a devil looked like. I told him that he should be more curious of the God that rescued him.

Ever since that day, Nic started asking for prayers even more and believing in prayers and I find it so touching that even a young boy who is beginning to understand God's grace can begin to see miracles in his life just like yesterday in church.

During sunday school yesterday (22 November 2009), Nic drank a glass of water and he told us that after he drank the water, his ulcer went away. That was the first miracle yesterday. Later, he was crying and yelling because a paper cut him in his eye and he asked Henry to pray for him. Immediately after prayers, he said the pain disappeared. second miracle for yesterday! How awesome is that! God's love for Nicholas. God wants to show himself so real in Nic's life so that Nic's faith would increase and he would rely on God more and more. And that should be the way...thanking God everyday for His grace upon us daily.

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  1. yes agree. and this naughty mummy always ask clarissa to pray for parking at the shopping mall. sure enuf, everytime He answers :) PTL