Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Thanks Chiew Hwa. I think some accountants like me fail to put their skills to practice. I finally figured out what went wrong in my accounts. Ha ha I transfered money OUT instead of adding money into the current accounts. So duh. At least I know I am not crazy but a human error. These online accounts aren't very good as it gets mixed up easily.

Have not still been in top form these few days since I started on the antibiotics. I still have thick pleghm though it is not green anymore. Praise the Lord! I am in this state of zombieness. Henry asked me what does that mean. I said last night "Like death creeping in". Then, I decided to reject that thought in Jesus' name. This morning I said "It's like a suppressed feeling, of not being to be totally alert in mind". Whatever it is, it is a discouraging feeling so I have been spending a lot of time with God, you know just seeking after Him, hearing sermons, singing songs, talking with Him, waiting all day long for a response. It was comforting to find a psalmist in that same state..waiting all day long! :) Last night's revelation lifted my spirit and today as I feel lousy, I just meditate on all the lashes he bore on the cross, knowing that each one He bore was for my healing, that I just have to thank Him for healing me.

I asked God if I could do away with the antibiotics. I asked Henry which he answered no no, I will have to finish its course. Sigh, so on I trudge, two more tablets to go. On Friday, this ordeal will end. Praise the Lord!

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