Monday, November 23, 2009


We got back from Singapore last Thursday night and ever since I have been recovering from phlegm. I finally went to see the doctor today and I had mild fever and was given some antibiotics. I rested a lot today. The doctor reckons it is the change in water. I reckon it is being couped up in a hotel for too long. Rest is good but rest without fresh air is not good indeed. I should have gotten out more often rather than be a chicken and stay indoors for fear of germs. Well, that's another article itself.

The next CT scan is scheduled for 3 December 2009, next Thursday morning, right smack in the heart of Vacation Bible School. Indeed, I will rejoice with all the VBS children on their concert night. Praise the Lord! Praise God for healing me as was written in the bible and God's words are the truth. He cannot lie and that is the security I have in God. All Glory to God!


  1. Dear Beloved Bunny, Will be praying for you, especially for the scan on thursday. VBS concert is on Saturday afternoon by the way. Hugs....

  2. oooh okey..i wasn't sure whether a friday or sat. thanks for the info! And afternoon too! Must take note of that. I haven't received the details yet. Better search in my box..sometimes it gets lost in there..dig dig dig...burrow burrow...