Monday, November 30, 2009

Ben 10 - The Power of the Omnitrix

It’s so fun to watch kids enjoy themselves. Last Saturday was Ethan and Nic’s day out to watch Ben 10 – The Power of the Omnitrix at the KLCC convention centre. Now, Ethan can act out Ben Tennyson’s reaction when the Omnitrix catches hold of him. He was glued to what was happening on stage. No Kenny Rogers muffins can woo him from his concentration.

The producers used a lot of computer animation as the back props, sound effects and lights to make the whole show come alive. Quite a good effort I must say except Gwen’s and grandpa max’s power shots were a bit off tangent making it less realistic. They also had aliens about 8 feet high and some acrobatic stunts with the use of wires.

I was quite afraid of catching a virus there as I had sniffles that morning and someone or rather seem to be coughing in the auditorium. So, I whipped out my power prayer and pleaded for the blood of Jesus to protect me and popped my nutrients. Amazingly, after that, my sniffles went away and I felt much better.

I wanted to share that I’ve learned in this journey that as Christians, we are God’s people, people set apart for God. So in return He will protect us and bless us. Even as the world faces more and more unknown strains of virus, we as God’s people need not be afraid. We only need to begin our journey with Him to discover again our inheritance in Christ. I sincerely believe that if we allow ourselves to be led by the Holy Spirit and pray in faith as our faith increases, we wouldn’t have to be worried of the H1N1 scare or any other diseases. Because a day will come when it will get much worse and we would automatically think to ourselves that it is logical to stay away but it will become increasingly difficult to.

The only way is through the blood of Christ who will protect us, deliver us and save us. Let us not be alarmed or be so easily afraid but to turn to Jesus as in Him lies the answer to all our needs.

Jesus - The Power of His Name

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