Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Unshaken - Part 2

I saw a mirror in my room and I thought it was a very clever idea that I could see the reflection of my front gate from the mirror in my room. Then I can always check for intruders by just looking at that mirror. Then, I thought to myself, "Wait a minute. There's no way this large mirror can show a reflection of the front gate which is downstairs. This must be a dream then". Just as I said that, I felt a gush of wind as if it was pulling me into another world and the dream became so real.

Suddenly, I was downstairs and I saw Henry pointing towards the gate with great urgency. Immediately, a sense of deja vu hit me and it occured to me that the devil was again trying to attack me through my dreams. The familiarity of that gushing wind and the word "intruder" was all I needed to say to myself "Get up and cast the devil out". And so I tried to say "I cast you out in the name of Jesus" but I couldn't. Like the last bad dream, I couldn't shout out but I kept trying and finally I managed to open my eyes and shout out "YOU DEVIL! I cast you out in the name of Jesus. By the authority given to me by Jesus in Luke 10:19, I trample upon you serpents and scorpions". I pleaded for the blood of Jesus to cover me.

I was rattling so fast. I was trying to recall all the ammunition given to me against the devil and to shoot it down and to crush it! All this with my eyes closed after I shouted "You devil". I did not want to see the spiritual realm! I also said out aloud the entire Psalm 91 which I memorised by hard. Finally, I started to calm down and wondered why I was being disturbed again. After all at 2.30am, I had quiet time with God because I could not sleep (This dream happened on 12 November 2009 . See my blog article "Freedom In Christ: Love that Compels Us to Love Others "). And I had a wonderful time with God and he gave me revelation and I felt God's presence. (The last time I had a bad dream, my heart was beating fast, I was hyperventilating and pulled out my bible for verses to calm me down).

Then I realised that the Holy Spirit was warning me of the things to come. By being so close to the Holy Spirit I was able to discern I was dreaming. If not, because the dream was getting so real, I would have continued dreaming. The Holy Spirit rescued me from attack from the evil one. I don't know what the dream was about but I am very sure it is about a thief coming to kill, steal and destroy. That is the only agenda of the devil so I won't be surprised. But "He who is in me is greater than he who is in the world". You go back to where you belong - the pits of fire.

Thank You Lord for protecting me. You are great indeed! Thank you for helping me realise where I am in you - that I share all the inheritance with Christ Jesus and the authority he has given to me - that I need not fear the devil even though the spiritual realm is REAL and they will continue to disturb. But my hope and my strength is in Christ and I need not fear anymore. Praise God for this breakthrough. Praise God indeed!


  1. hi unshaken bunny,
    What a great God we have, to also protect you in the spiritual rhealm. Will continue to pray for strength in this adventure of yours :)

  2. Thanks Chiew Hwa! We pray you n your family r settling well now. Glad to hear from you again! :)

  3. Next time, if other words cannot come out, just shout, "Jesus". It is good enough. There is power in the name of Jesus. It worked before.

    Just a thought.

    Persevere, sister.

  4. Thanks Anthony for your advise and encouragement. :)