Monday, November 23, 2009


After I googgled for a list of Christian shops in Singapore on 18 November 2009, I noticed there were 2 Christian bookshops in Suntec City Mall. So, off I went despite feeling a bit under the weather already. The Christian bookshop on level 2 of Suntec City Mall doesn’t exist anymore. There is no Mount Zion Bookshop anymore. I started looking for the “Rock” bookshop and was pleasantly surprised to find a huge Rock Auditorium next to a cinema on the third floor of the shopping mall. It was then that I realized it is a church and they rent out to all christian groups.

I was also pleasantly surprised that they sell cds sermons of Ps Joseph Prince! How come this church sells sermons of other pastors from other churches? I bought a few of his sermon cds.

Only much later when I was telling Henry of my little adventure that he said “Haiya! That is Ps Joseph Prince’s church lah!” Really! I was there at New Creation Church and I didn’t even know it. If it was a weekend, I would have probably visited his church. I find myself so blessed that God can know and give the desire of my heart even though I did not ask it. I did visit his church after all.

This is a man who taught me to understand God’s grace all over again and to live in God’s grace daily.

I think we should hear the sermons for ourselves and let the holy spirit help us discern. I believe no pastor can get a sermon totally right but it is the holy spirit that convicts us so that even if words are not said properly, the holy spirit will tell us accordingly and just let us hear the part we need to hear. It is the same for all speakers. Sometimes, we refuse to come to church on a Sunday when a particular pastor is preaching. If we only humble our hearts (and bind the spirit of pride within us), I tell you even in these sermons, we can learn a thing or two. It is the holy spirit that guides us to all truth. I felt Ps Yonggi Cho’s teachings are mostly right but I am uncomfortable about his explanations of the holy spirit and I have not read in depth that part of the book. There’s a sense of uneasiness, so I stop.

We just need to pray for teachable hearts, to constantly seek after God’s words because it is food to our soul, it feeds our innerman. Ps Joseph Prince teaches us about God's grace and he makes it easy for us to understand and the whole bible gels because of his explanations. God's grace is so beautiful, truly it reflects God’s heart, if only we just reach out and receive it.

We call ourselves Christians and yet, sometimes we don't understand or FORGET His grace which has been given to us freely. Amazing. Let the holy spirit teach us all over again.

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