Monday, November 9, 2009

Update and Remembering 2 Instantaneous Miracles

I am really sorry for not updating on my status and worrying you unnecessarily. The days since last Thursday have passed so quickly with my hospital visit and graduation from the Deeper Life Seminar all on Thursday, attending Aunty Beverly’s funeral (she went home to be with the Lord on 4 November 2009) and visiting Robert Lam at University Hospital and bible study at home group all on Friday, a busy weekend as usual with family and yesterday, meeting Looi Eng Seng, the owner of the bible that I found in church (see my blog “Dear Stephen”)! He turned out to be a pastor who has his own church in Penang called the Living Word Church.

On 5 November 2009 last Thursday morning I went for my check up at SJMC. Did the usual x ray and once the report came out, Henry quickly fished out the report before the doctor read it. So, we were really happy to read that the nodes are shrinking and more disappearing! The last one which I reported was a 1.4cm node which has further shrunk to 1 cm! Praise the Lord! All Glory to God!

Of course there are many other nodes at the beginning which I termed them “machine gun” – too many too even operate on. The doctor has always been concerned on the primary one which was as large as 3 cm at the beginning. Now, I reckon that there are lesser nodes to see and report on, they are now zooming in on the other smaller nodes which. Therefore when they mention about the 4mm node that disappeared (Halleujah!!!) and a dot at the upper left node that is still there, this is all new to me because I didn’t know they existed before. I mean that I know many existed before but I don’t not know the exact locations of them. In fact, I told Henry he should not have told me. But on the other hand it is good to know so you can help me pray to destroy it in Jesus’ name!

Doctor Foo Yoke Ching wanted a ct scan to check on the “dot” at the upper lobe further because she says it seems to be clearer now but assured that x rays are not accurate. She says that the rest are shrinking so she wonders why this is clearer and wanted me to go for CT scan in a week or 2 week’s time. But we will be in Singapore in a week’s time and after checking the calendar and all, finally the next check up is still in a month’s time!

Next month’s check up on 3 December 2009 will include a ct scan because by routine, she had wanted me to do one every 3 months. So, after much hoo hah, everything is still back to routine. Praise the Lord! His hand is upon me!

Now, about the challenge that I sent out to you by sms to pray in faith believing you have received it the moment you pray for the node in the upper left lobe and the 1 cm node to be destroyed in Jesus’ name.

You see, before the miracle rally my team leader Angeline Sung gave me a word from God to be bold and courageous and to remind the devil the authority that I have in Jesus Christ and that it is under my feet. I didn’t think much of it then because that’s what I have been doing so far. The night before the hospital visit I prayed to God to show me a miracle so powerful that I will not doubt Him again because I did not want any hindrance in locking with Jesus 100%. You see, since the miracle He has done in me is bit by bit, it often discourages me when people comment that they are glad that the medicine is working as if God had no part to play in it. It is when I acknowledge God first and Henry and I have together submitted our strategy to God first that he has worked a miracle through the drug. So, I wanted Him to demonstrate His power to those who comment like this. So, when I heard this piece of news that there were other nodes, at first I was discouraged. But while I was being administered the zumita drug to reinforce my bones after the x ray, I received a call from Hamir. During our conversation, he said he has received this word from God for me and asked if I was ready and to listen carefully…”BELIEVE IN YOUR PRAYERS!”. He continued to say that it is the lies and doubts thrown by the devil that discourages me to think otherwise (just like what I have been facing) and everytime I allow the devil a foothold, the devil will bring me a rung lower and God will have to start all over again in me to pull me out from the pit.

Hamir shared with me a testimony of a Christian who was facing problems with his teenage daughter. Hamir was really angry with the man because though the man prayed he did not have faith in God. Hamir said “Are you calling my God a liar?!”. Hamir told the man that if he believed in his prayers, God will rescue him and Hamir made a pact with the man to pray WITH him daily. After praying for a few days, the man’s daughter ran away! And the man was so discouraged but Hamir said “Hallelujah!” “She will return!”. The man looked at Hamir and said “Are you crazy? She just ran away!”. Hamir laughed cryingly and said “No, that’s how it works. She will return” And indeed she did and things are much better for the man in his household. They prayed that she will come to realize that she is mixing with wrong company and indeed, she has decided by herself not to mix with her “friends” anymore.

I cried so much because that is what I am going through. Being discouraged and allowing the devil a foothold. So, I challenge you too, to pray in faith to a prayer answering God, a miracle working God. Went I went home, I then remembered 2 distinct miracles that happened to me leaving no room of doubt that he is a miracle working God:

Iritating Cough Disappeared After Confession
1. In early July 2009, after returning from the hospital and after sharing with cousin Tammy, I went upstairs to sleep but could not because I kept coughing each time I laid down. Normally, I do not cough at night and I was wondering whether I was getting worst. I could not sleep because of the irritating cough so I decided to pray and confess my sin of using fear as an excuse for not serving Him all these years. It was Tammy that opened my eyes to realize this when she shared the word from 2 Timothy 1:7 that God did not give us a spirit of fear but of power, love and sound mind. When I confessed to God my sin, switched off the lights and laid down to sleep, I felt that I did not feel like coughing anymore. I wasn’t sure whether it was a miracle so I decided I would move my body to left and right but still, no cough and I closed my eyes that night with a big smile on my face and I couldn’t wait to share with everyone the next day of this miracle I experienced! It is my first experience of a miracle and from that day forth I knew I was in for an adventure with Jesus Christ!

It Only Took One Tarceva Tablet
2. The other distinct miracle was the popping of the ONE tarceva tablet. I was afraid to take the tarceva tablet (chemo tablet) because I have heard of all the horror stories of the immune system being destroyed, hair falling off, body in pain etc. By then, I was already in 2nd day of pain and had resorted to pain killers which I was not keen to take it. So, I left the tablet till the very last moment at bed time. Before I took it I said a prayer, that God will protect me from the harm of the tarceva tablet and to heal me and then I popped it and went straight to bed. Lo and behold! The next morning, all achy pains left my body! I was more alert because there was no pain in my body. My mum said to me that morning “Girl, you look happier today” and I replied “But mummy, I am happy all the time!” But only mummy can tell the change and overnight too! The most distinct pain was the pain of the pelvic bone and that disappeared that morning! I didn’t think it was a miracle until I told the doctor how powerful her drug was and she said “IT IS NOT POSSIBLE WITH ONE TARCEVA TABLET”. I said “God heals” and she turned to walk away and turned back to say “It is magic”. Praise the Lord! It hit me then that it is God’s miracle on me. Praise the Lord!

I just want to share that miracles can comes instantaneous or bit by bit like mine. Sometimes I feel like an Israelite in the dessert for 40 years before reaching the promised Land. They witnessed so many miracles and yet still complained to God. I remind myself today not to be like them but to give thanks to God each day for daily miracles. The drug may have helped, the nutrition may have helped but it is only when a strategy (the type of drug to take) is committed to God first i.e. to acknowledge Him first that he will rescue us and deliver us instantaneously or through the drug and nutrients.

Also, I pray that you too will believe in your prayers to a prayer answering God and a miracle working God. Faith is now (“NOW, faith is…[Hebrews 11:1]), hope is in the future. Faith is what will make your hope a reality. Most importantly, do not be easily discouraged knowing that the devil is at work against us. Remind the devil where he stands – under our feet. Rebuke the devil. Use our authority given to us by Chirst Jesus in Luke 10:19 to trample on all scorpions and serpents. Then, we will see breakthrough like what cousin Tammy said. Thank you for joining me in this adventure and praying with me and for me.

Thank you Lord for demonstrating the two instantaneous miracles in my journey. I will hold on to your word and will not be easily discouraged. I thank you for all the other miracles you have shown in my life even though they are bit by bit for you alone are God, you alone worked all these miracles. Apart from You, the drug will not heal me. Forgive me Lord, for being discouraged. I will stand firm. I rebuke the devil working against me and cast it out in Jesus' name. I rebuke this dot in the upper left lobe and I rebuke the remaining 1cm and that you Spirit of cancer will be totally destroyed in Jesus' name! You have no power over me. You no authority over me. You bow down to your King and go back to the pits of fire where you belong! I am a child of God and He who is in me is greater than you in the world! I pray all this in Jesus' name. Amen.


  1. hi healing bunny
    i didnt share with you this, but when you told me that you are taking tarceva, i spent a day googling abt the drug. dr Foo and you are right! this is NO MIRACLE DRUG. its god that is performing the miracle, not the drug.
    recently, a friend of my brother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer. out of concern, kevin asked me what drug u r taking, i told him abt tarceva - it doesn't cure but hinder/stifle growth. he was surprised. Ultimately, its God who heals.

  2. Dear Fee, thanks so much for this sharing. It really has lifted my spirit and another confirmation that it is God working thru the drug and not the drug alone. Praise God! Praise God! Thanks Fee. Love u and hugs!