Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Come Holy Spirit Fall On Me Now

Have you ever woken up one morning and suddenly had lyrics and tune in your head to a new song that you have just heard? Well, yesterday was just like that. The tune came to my head and the best part I remembered the first two lines to the song "Come Holy Spirit". It helped me google the rest of the lyrics and I spent the whole devotion time singing this song. My home group first heard this song when Hamir introduced it to us. Cheng Yi tried googling but since he could not remember the lyrics it couldn't be googled just by typing "Come Holy Spirit". So, it was quite fascinating how yesterday, everything came together and I spent such a lovely time singing to the Holy Spirit. I really believe it was God inspired. It was as if, He was giving me a tool to worship. Great is our God and worthy to be worshipped!

Here is the song for you to enjoy.

Come holy spirit
fall on me now
I need your anointing
Come in your power
I love you holy spirit
You're captivating my soul
And every day i grow to love you more

I'm reaching for your heart
You hold my life in your hand
Drawing me closer to you
I feel your power renew
Nothing compares to this place
Where i can see you face to face
I worship you in spirit and in truth

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