Monday, November 2, 2009

Update and Miracle Rally

Last Sunday was the first time that we as a family went with Nic for his music class. Since the diagnosis, Henry has been taking Nic for his piano class instead of me. When, Henry asked after church whether I was up to it I said “Yes, I feel strong enough”. Even though we finally got back home at 8 pm, I was still feeling strong with no achy bones. I felt a little voice tell me “You don’t have to take your tarceva now. You are free now”. Tarceva is the chemo pill that I have been on for about 3 and a half months now. Hmmm, I wasn’t sure whether it was from the devil or the holy spirit. Anyway, Ethan woke up from his sleep and vomited and he could not sleep after that. So, since we were all downstairs, I did take my tarceva and all my nutrients in the end.

So, really, it does take a while to fully catch whether it is the holy spirit and I suppose circumstances will also lead to confirmation. I didn’t want to go downstairs earlier because I was starting to feel sleepy and decided to hit the sack with Ethan. But since he didn’t, I did my usual stuff which was to take the tarceva and nutrient pills before bedtime.

Last night, Ps Sasha felt my hands and said “Hey, you feel different today”. I know it is good news but she could not express in words what she felt but I just claimed it in Jesus’ name. Praise the Lord!

I used to get tingly sensation on the left back of my spine slightly above the waist. I did not share because I did not want it to dominate my mind but I did share with Henry to pray for me. It occurred to me to google it but still I stood firm and just prayed for healing. I just realized yesterday, I don’t have that sensation anymore! Praise the Lord! All Glory to God!

All this has happened after the Miracle Rally last Saturday, 31 October 2009. Henry reckons that it is not as charismatic as one should think. Ah, such a waste, you guys should have come. Henry says it is very well organized and he was very impressed with a young boy’s dance movements in the “Miracle Healing Dance”. I saw my dad clapping after he heard the testimony of an old man who was previously deaf and now he can hear again. I think it was a really good experience for daddy to see God in action! It is such a miracle itself that he agreed to go to this rally in the first place. All glory to God!

Even Aunty Sandra had her shawl prayed over. This was a new thing to me but Ps Vernon said in Acts 19:11, it is written “11God did extraordinary miracles through Paul, 12so that even handkerchiefs and aprons that had touched him were taken to the sick, and their illnesses were cured and the evil spirits left them.”

Ps Vernon said he was anointed in 1980 that whenever he prayed over the cloth, people who touched the cloth receive healing. This is one of the many ways that God heals. He said to take the cloth to the sick person, have them read Acts 19:11 and then get them to say thank you seven times. Sometimes, we cannot understand why such specifics are mentioned as it is not written in the bible. But he is merely obeying what the Holy Spirit tells him to do. He quoted Namman’s experience in 2 Kings 5:10-14. Naaman was abhorred that he had to soak himself in the dirty river Jordan 7 times when God who is all powerful and mighty can just wave his hand and heal him from leprosy. God wants us to obey him and it starts with simple obedience.

By the way that old man was one of the “Wall of Fire” team member's dad and I knew she had brought her father for healing. I turned in amazement to my team leader to hear that he is healed now and she looked at me calmly and just nodded as if to say “Yes, after all this is a miracle rally”. Ps Vernon personally laid his hands on all who came forward to receive healing. Before that he said that while he prayed, we will start to experience the miracle and true enough my mum’s stiff neck was healed and this lady’s eye cleared up and she could see well again. There were many other testimonies, even an lady suffering from alzheimers who could do a big turn without falling down, a young man who could walk again after an accident, a young lady free from feeling depressed, a man suffering from rheumatoid healed from leg and back pain and many many more! Praise to the Lord! All Glory to God! 100 souls were saved that night as they came forward to receive Christ and to say the sinners’ prayers. Praise be to God! The angels sing.

The holy spirit would prompt Ps Vernon the sickness to be called out and one by one all of us received healing. I heard “lung cancer” and I just received the healing, crying all the time. None of the students were allowed to come forward for healing as we were all on duty. I was in the "Wall of Fire" team praying in the spirit the whole time. Ps Vernon ministered to the students one by one after the public left and I was slain again crying the whole time receiving healing. Even my pink shawl was prayed over and I had wanted to bring it over to Aunty Beverly but it is not to be.

All who came to be healed and believed received healing, even non Christians. That is the beauty of God’s love. He was there to show His power, might and love and to just reach out to those who have yet to know Him. I pray you will reach out your hand too and receive Him as your Lord and Saviour.

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  1. Yes it was an amazing event. God's presence was so powerful and real there. Since I was in the miracle healing team, I caught more than 20 people that night who were slain. Weeks before during practice, I caught 1 person only for like 3 times for practice and the next day my arms were aching. That night I caught more than 20 people and the next day no achy arms! With God's help, I also caught everyone very well. All glory be to God for the healing and souls saved that night :)Also for the prophesy prayed over Brian by Pastor Vernon that night :)