Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christian Bookstores In Singapore

I had a question before going to Singapore. Are there any big christian bookshops in Singapore? The last time I went to one in Great World City. It was big and had every thing from books to music to gifts! I wondered if it was still there. So here I am in Singapore now and wondering what the answer is. Someone asked the same question 2 years ago on Yahoo Answers, so here is the answer:

"Yes, there ARE so many of these Christian Shops around in Singapore's shopping malls. You can find them especially in big shopping centres such as: Suntec City Level 2, Century Square, China Square Central, Junction 8, Funan Digitalife Mall, Causeway Point, West Mall, Katong Shopping Centre, Eastpoint Mall, CentrePoint, Great World City, Far East Plaza etc."


So, I will check out Mount Zion Christian Books at Suntec City Mall which is just opposite the hotel that I am in.

The view of the city's sky line from the hotel room is pretty spectacular. I can even see CK Tang from this hotel (which is South of Singapore very close to the sea). It just shows how small Singapore is! I was contemplating visiting the National Singapore Museum this morning. I thought it would be a rare treat for me since the kids are not with me and I would get to enjoy reading in detail in peace! Still, I am torn between resting, christian bookshop, reading deuteronomy or museum. Looks like the bunny has big plans to hop everywhere. Unfortunately I woke up with green phlegm this morning and decided to take it real slow. As I entered the restaurant for breakfast, the man at the reception greeted me by my name! Wow! I hadn't even quoted my room number and there were so many people in the restaurant. I am amazed and how seriously they take their job and that should be the way. Still, he said I looked tired. I better be safe and rest more today. So museum, out you go from the bunny's list. But the christian bookshop stays..he he..

It's great to get out and about. Found out from the news that Singapore is facing private property homes sales contraction the third straight month in a row since August 2009. Also, Singapore has been ranked the world's 3rd least corrupt country! How different compared to back home! Still, there's so much consumerism here. Christmas lights are on display already. ION Orchard is new here. Their food court looks great, it feels like I am in a restaurant rather than in a food court. And the stationery here can leave me salivating. They even have a new stationery shop from Sweden (roll eyes) called kikki K. (Kristina Karlsson) A whole new lifestyle with stationery. Sigh.


  1. Wah, where did your boys go? Glad you had a nice day of rest :) Hope your phlegm goes away soon. Take care.

  2. It was just henry and I..he he..no kids! Whew!