Monday, November 30, 2009

Choo Choo! Come Aboard Boomerang Express - Day 1

I think I was more enthusiastic than Nic and Gwen who went for their first day of their Vacation Bible School in First Baptist Church, PJ. So, I was quite discouraged when Nic was whining in the car saying he was afraid to go without me. I told him to pray for all the dark clouds to go away and to pray to be strong in Jesus. After all, this is the same Jesus who took away Nic’s pain in the head, his eye cut and the ulcer in his mouth at the blink of an eye! “Would you rather listen to Jesus who did all that or the devil saying you aren’t brave” I asked Nic. “Jesus” was his reply. With that he went to VBS and marched straight into the “Music Opera House”. Gwen joined him shortly carrying her heavy bible.

“Music Opera House” captured the delights of everything Australia, from blinking didgeridoos, a gigantic map of Australia comprising of hundreds of individually drawn boomerangs, silhouette of the Australian outback and what seemed like “life kangaroos” hopping onto stage to join the outbackers. How could anyone not fall in love with VBS?

So, amazingly, despite the chicken pies, crafts, “G’day mate”, Bondi beach and all, Nic could tell me that they learned about how Jesus called Simon to follow him - "Come, follow me," Jesus said, "and I will make you fishers of men." (Matthew 4:19) I was pleasantly surprised when he told me excitedly that Simon’s name was changed to Peter and now he is “the Rock”. Wow!
And from the back of the car came yells of “I want to obey Jesus”, “I want to love Jesus” from Nic and Gwen. Gwen was very excited that for the first time she gets to open her bible and look forward to read Matthew 4:18-20 and John 1.

Unfortunately, an hour after I dropped them off at home, Nic was crying non-stop for me. My mum-in-law was a bit agitated that we didn’t just leave him at the Super Duper Camp in school instead rather than to break the routine. There was not much I could do except to pray. I prayed against the work of darkness and all chaos to be removed in Jesus’ name and for angels to be around Nic to calm him down. Moments later I got a call that she noticed Nic had fallen asleep and she said it is very rare for him to sleep in the afternoons. Praise the Lord! I started to cry again because He demonstrated to me for the umpteenth time that He is a miracle answering God and a prayer answering God. Praise the Lord indeed!
The kidderidoos sure enjoyed themselves and this mummy wishes she could join them as a kid in class and hop aboard the Boomerang Express! Choo! Choo! See you tomorrow! Thanks Wee Lee for the great story telling. Thanks Fee and other teachers of Geelong Jellyfish for making the room come alive. Gwen’s exact words were “It was so fun!”.
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  1. hi liz
    so encouraged to hear that its fun for them! hope the seeds of the gospels are planted in them!

  2. Hi Fee,
    There's no doubt that the seed has been planted n God has assured us in Isaiah 55:11 that His word will not return to him void! Yayy! Praise the Lord! :) Thanks for being so brave n taking a shot at teaching this year!