Monday, November 9, 2009

Ethan Whispered to Father God

I was so touched on Sunday night when Ethan started praying to God all by his own! It was bedtime and usually, Ethan would be very active with all his swashbuckling hand movements before he would just knock out quite immediately. But that night, things were a bit different. Nicholas was asking many questions about Jesus, why he had to die on the cross, why God would send us to hell if we say naughty things, who made naughty naughty sins. And all these questions were sparked off with the use of the "Evangecube". If you've never heard of it, you can check it out at the video bar. FBC gave out Evangecubes some time ago and I missed the training so I have been wondering how to use it and finally I found out it's on youtube!

Now, even Ethan is beginning to use the evangecube to tell the good news. "Jesus died in the cross. Then 2 guards guard the tomb. Tie tie tie (talking about how a big rock was bound to cover the tomb). Then he alive. Jesus is alive!" And then he breaks out into song "Jesus is alive, Jesus is alive, Jesus is alive shout Hosanna. Hosanna!"

Anyway, I explained to Nic how God will not stand our naughty naughty sins and not even naughty naughty words and we will go to hell if we did anything bad. He was wondering why is God so like that! I told him God is a perfect and Holy God, that's why. He asked who made naughty naughty sins. I told him about the garden of Eden how Adam disobeyed God and he and Eve got kicked out from the garden of Eden with 2 guards with blazing sword of fire guarding the entrance. And so now his children, and his children's children and now us are all with naughty naughty sins. He said "noooooooooooooooooooo, I don't want to be like that!". I said, we can thank Jesus now becauase when he died on the cross, he took away our naughty naughty sins so that now Father God sees us clean and now we can go to God, towards the light and be seated at the right hand of God with Jesus in heaven. So, every night, we must thank Jesus for dying on the cross for us so that God sees us clean and we can go to heaven.

After everyone slept, except for Ethan and myself (I was pretending to sleep while waiting for Ethan to finish swashbuckling and to knock off), I saw Ethan touching a little wound on his chin. Then, he started to pray to Father God (in a whisper), all by himself! He said "Father God, please heal my chin and make it better again. In Jesus' name. Amen". Then he continued "Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross". I was so touched that I was moved to tears. This is the first time I heard him pray without being asked to and I felt the whole room filled with angels for who in heaven would not hear a 3 year old boy's sincere prayer!

I thanked God for moving our children to ask questions about Jesus and I prayed that God will be so real in their lives that they wil turn to Him in everything. And I slept that night with angels encamped all around and about us.

Do check out the Evangecube at or click at the video bar on your right.


  1. Hello Bunny,

    Sorry for me long silence too. Up to my neck with VBS stuff. So touched by your sharing about Ethan. I am reminded of the first time I heard Adam prayed on his own, he didnt know I was in the room and I heard him. It is one of the sweetest thing for a parent to know that your child is developing a faith of his own, and growing in their relationship with God. So happy to hear about your sharing with the kids.

  2. Thanks Sue. You are right, it is really the sweetest moment to know that he has Jesus in his heart and can just talk to Him through prayer. :) Our family submitted 6 boomerangs on Sunday. We got the kids at home group to draw and color the boomerangs. Henry and I ended having to touch them up..ha ha..but it was fun. I had a target of 100 but it's tough!

  3. Thanks so much Liz for doing the boomerangs. We didn't get many looks like the poor overworked Deco team has to make up for the deficit. We need 300 boomerangs!!!!