Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Boomerang Express - Vacation Bible School

The day after I sprained my back carrying Ethan, I cut out 6 boomerangs from carton boxes. Man, did it hurt. I had a target of 100 boomerangs but I gave up after having to bend forward to cut the carton boxes with a blade. Tzu Anne said it is easier to cut with a giant scissors. I reckon garden scissors would do well but I didn't try again. I encouraged Ethan and Nic to have a go at painting the boomerangs during one weekend but they didn't want to!
Last Friday, we had the kids at our home group color them with crayon. Some just drew one line, some colored without pictures and some drew butterfly, camera, kangaroo, koala and flowers. The next day Henry and I had to touch up the boomerangs to make the colors richer and delivered all 6 of them to the Vacation Bible School (VBS) booth on Sunday. There was a look of relief from the person receiving the boomerangs so I would really encourage all of you to painstakingly do the same so we will have more boomerangs for VBS.
By the way, the closing date is this Sunday, 15 November 2009. Just keep saying to yourself how God sees us "I can do all things in Christ who gives me strength!". To God be the glory. I told Ps Looi about VBS at First Baptist Church and invited him to view our sanctuary on the Sunday before VBS starts on 30 November. The church main sanctuary will be totally transformed into an Australian outback! Come and see it with your own eyes but first, please contribute the boomerangs. :)

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  1. hi bunny
    your boomerang look great! i was going to get clare to do some but she is down with hand, foot & mouth. she cant even hold a crayon, poor girl.
    now that she is better, i will try again!