Thursday, January 27, 2011

Alvin's dad's advice

Alvin's dad's advice

I finally got to meet Edward Foo (Alvin's dad) after all this while and ask him all the questions I have been dying to ask!

I finally learned that uncle uses the following prayer book 3 times a day, spoken ALOUD and in faith. :)

"God's creative power for healing" by Charles Capp. It is a little booklet that can be purchased from Canaanland for RM7.90. I t is all based on bible scriptures but changed a little to make reference to us as the first party and to also put in specific prayers eg.

"Jesus bore the curse for me: therefore, I forbid growths and tumours to inhabit my body. The life of God within me dissolved growths and tumours, and my strength and health is restored. (Matt 16:19, John 14:13; mark 11:23)"

He kept stressing the faith bit but I really believe that if you say God's words long enough, sooner or later it will sink into your spirit man and that is when faith arises. Uncle's faith is so strong that nothing could get in way of his healing! He refused to change his diet. But it is not like BIG faith that we know it. It is really a child like faith. He is like a little boy who just trust in God who would heal him!

Other things I remember him telling me:
- take holy communion daily to help us discern His body and by His stripes we are healed
- read psalm 91, psalm 23, psalm 103 daily
- read Ephesians asking God to reveal to us His wisdom and revelation
- it is by grace that we are saved and not following the law

Uncle had a 7cm tumor. He was diagnosed with fourth stage colon cancer. Yet within 7 months, with no chemo, unchanged diet, it was completely wiped off just by prayers prayed in faith, spoken aloud everyday. The doctor, when asked what he thought said he could not explain. Uncle told him Jesus healed him!

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