Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Intercessor at Work - Part 2

After I sent out an email on "intercessor at work", I received a reply from Elaine. Praise the Lord! It is really wonderful to see God at work how his angels and how the holy spirit works. It really lifts up my spirit experiencing all God has to offer. We are really living in the supernatural because we are God's children. :) Thanks Elaine for sharing. I am also sure there are many others praying for me as the holy spirit prompts. Praise de Lord! :) and thanks for being the other 30 min partner! Lol

Here's her email:

Hi Liz,
As I read this I am having goose bumps. Pastor Sasha called me yesterday and told me that they decided to pray for you for 30 minutes a day. I understand that they asked you to pray for someone else to pray for you daily for another 30 minutes and then you and Chris together said Elaine! Is that true? lol 

I told Sasha that I am willing to but must get help from God as I am already struggling to wake up at 6.30am to get Brian ready for school ( I used to wake up past 9am) This morning, I suddenly woke up at 5.45am. I couldn't go back to sleep and at 6am I decided to pray for you in tongues. I believe it must be the Holy Spirit who woke me up through Brian. lol

I didn't say out loud, " Elizabeth, I am praying for you now" but I did say in my heart that I will pray for Elizabeth now. Not sure if it is me that you heard :P lol Anyway, I prayed for you till my alarm rang at 6.30am :)

Just wanted to share with you as I read your email.
I will ask God to help me to be discipline to pray for you for 30 minutes daily till we see a miracle :)

Take care my dear friend.
Love ya,Elaine

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