Thursday, January 20, 2011

Powerful prayer!

I have been on pain killers the past three days. I try not to but it is really uncomfortable and my threshold for pain is so low. I can't even stand the thought of injections. It is only by the grace of God that I have survived all those needle poking sessions! Henry have seen me lying on bed quite pathetically I guess so last night we held hands and prayed together against the powers of the enemy. He prayed for the cancer to be dried up into dust and be blown away and that this pain and Satan will have no power and dominion over me for God has indeed brought me so far. While he prayed, I prayed in tongues so we were all praying in agreement and in spirit.

Henry has been experiencing unusual events of late. He had a dream of him driving up a steep slope and he was wondering if his car would make it u p or even down! But when he reached the top of mountain, it was so peaceful. I told Henry maybe God is asking to spend more quiet times with him and meditate upon Him. Then, while he was surfing in front of the patio overlooking the garden, he suddenly saw dust, like dandelion dust fly past. It was such an unusual sight because we don't have dandelions in the garden. So, he claimed it as the cancer cell turning to dust and being blown away. And that was the same prayer he prayed for me last night!

This morning, I woke up quite different. I actually felt better. My chest is not tight anymore, the achy back is not quite there, even the lymph node pain seem to have gotten lesser. I actually feel better. Praise the Lord! I believe we have gone past over a hurdle and broken the powers of the enemy. I told Henry I sense that God wants us to pray in agreement like last night more often.

I feel like prancing today. I am rejoicing in the Lord. It reconfirms that God was always there for us even though we cannot see Him and darkness overwhelms us yet as we stand on what He has promised us, those promises will be established. And I reminded Henry of God's words to me "be careful, do not be afraid, do not lose heart, the cancer will not rise up against you, it will not happen, it will not take place. Just stand firm on your faith and it will be established". Yes, victory is won. He said "it is done!". I believe, I receive, Father God.

Today, Henry will be picking up the low dose naltrexone and I also have an appointment scheduled at a nearby hospital re the drug. Praise the Lord for His providence and open door. Thank you Lord for everything! :)


  1. praise the Lord for His healing powers!

  2. So glad to read about this Liz. Praise God for being so real in your life, and in all our lives.