Saturday, January 1, 2011

The cross in my life

Woke up this morning at 3 am and something inside me said 'Go downstairs, i have something exciting to show you'. Normally I would go because I would sense God calling me and prompting me by the holy spirit but I wanted to continue sleeping. Alas, Nic woke up, went to toilet and later was sniffling and I helped clear his snort and relieve him with eucalyptus oil. Then, I thought, alright i might as well go downstairs. I don't know how I landed on these sermons but I am so blessed this morning for i know I would miss this morning's sermon in church because i will be helping out in Sunday school and I know I have to be careful from now on not be spiritually dry again.

I pray you too will be blessed by these sermons by Derek Prince. There are 4 parts to the sermon 'The Cross in MY Life'. It  opened my eyes again to the curse I had fallen to, and how i had fallen from grace before I returned to the cross. He talks about us as christians and the problems in church today, touching on legalism, talking about law vs grace, our application after God making a way for us etc. There are many scripture verses so take out your bible, pen and paper! 

The cross in my life part 1

The cross in my life part 2

The cross in my life part 3

The cross in my life - part 4

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