Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Update: Committing to God - low dose naltrexone & nutrition

Proverbs 16:3

'Commit your actions to the LORD, and your plans will succeed'

When we set out to find a strategy last week, we weren't sure where we were heading. It was either chemo or nutrition, possibly Chinese herbs. There didn't seem to be anything else that impressed upon us. Henry went about fasting and soon he started researching and I started talking to friends about their experience with chemo. Having spoken to Joanne, we realized my body missed out on a lot of supplements. At each point, we would just stop and pray again, praying that He would direct our steps.

Then one night, Henry stumbled on "low dose naltrexone". It is a clever drug that blocks some receptors causing an increased production of endorphins to boost our immune system. It is usually used for drug and alcohol addiction but many cancer patients have also found success using it. Here are some of the websites to read if you are interested in ldn.

One website showing a database of cancer patients using ldn:

A cancer discussion group using a variety of drugs include ldn

A reading on low dose naltrexone (ldn)

No oncologist will prescribe this drug to cancer patients because medically ldn is not used to treat cancer. That was really sad because it is easily available over the counter with prescription! For the past 2 days, we've been trying to find someone who can assist us and yesterday, we received good news that we can get hold of it very soon!

We were confident that this is an open door that God is leading us to and Henry and I then thanked God and committed this drug, this strategy to Him standing on Proverbs 16:3 that he will grant us success.

Our strategy is basically to allow my body's immune system to build up to hunt down, fight and destroy the layer surrounding the cancer and destroy the cancer completely. Any product that can be build up my immune system will enhance our strategy to fight the cancer. I thank the Lord for allowing Henry to stumble on this drug and for bringing Joanne home to Malaysia at just the right time to chat with me on nutrition. Thank you Lord that you never left us and you were always with us with every step holding our hands. 

God with us.


  1. Dear Liz,

    If you are going on the path of rebuilding your immune system to fight cancer, then chemo is not the answer. My personal view is that chemo is poison and will destroy your immune system instead.

    I would like to suggest that you consider detoxing your body with coffee enema, if you have not already started. The liver needs assistance in getting rid of the toxins from your body.

    I would also recommend that you consider taking other supplements like pancreatin, liver and inflazyme tablets. The pancreatin and inflazyme supplements contains enzymes that not only assist in digestion but to digest cancer cells as well.

    So far, I have responded well with the nutrition approach of the Gerson Therapy. I wish you well in your therapy.

  2. Where do I get the pancreatin, liver and inflazyme tablets. Joanne says to eats lots of pineapples. Coffee enema does not work for everyone. It almost killed my cousin although she followed instructions. it weakened her so much that two years on she is still rebuilding her body. So I would follow God to see what he says. He is mighty n powerful. :)

  3. Pancreatin and liver supplements can be ordered online from Natures Glory ( However, for inflazyme (and other supplements) can be ordered online at Ishi ( or The prices from Ishi are cheaper but you have to factor in courier charges from USA.

    So far I have only know of one case where coffee enema almost killed a cancer patient and that was because the patient got wrong advice (she was asked to put in things which she is not supposed to). Different people (with cancer or not) do coffee enema for different reasons and the methods are further complicated by different schools. I follow the method taught by Dr Max Gerson and so far, I have not heard or read of unfortunate incidents. There is a caveat though, if the person has hemorrhoids, then coffee enema is not suitable. Do remember you can start with what we called a diluted formula, for eg. half strength coffee moderated with two tablespoons of potassium salt solution to start off. See how your pain disappears after each enema. How do you know you are not suitable to use coffee enema if you don't try?

    I will email you the coffee enema documentation and you have a read and then compare notes with what your cousin did to see if they are of the same formula/method before you decide.

  4. Besides rebuilding your immune system, there is one more area you should be aware of. You MUST NOT take in food that will be utilized by the tumors. This means no salt, no sugar, no oil, low protein, no diary and soy products.

    Do not underestimate the power of the tumors. I noticed that you have been taking in little snacks such as crackers, grain bars and health drinks and also taking in normal vegetarian food. These foods contains oil, sugar and salt which promotes tumor growth.

    You must not let your present body deteriorate by helping it through rebuilding the immune system and by taking food that is nutritious to your body but cannot be utilized by the tumors. Many have done it before and you can do it too.

  5. Hi ct ok i get the no salt no oil no sugar no dairy. Will stop de grain bars then. But I do take a little honey, oil on food after cooked. But how does a little oil and salt promote tumor even k salt? Where do u get k salt? How about sea salt? I don't think sugar at all well unless it is hidden but if i see ingredient that says cane sugar then I don't take it either. Thanks ct. :)

  6. Well, K salt is not sodium. Salt (whether source from sea or the mountains) is not only an enzyme inhibitor, the cells actually absorbs the salt and water causing it to swell and die. The salty cells attracts toxins too. We use K salt to reverse the process. K salted cells attracts nutrients. K salt can be obtained from Newlife in SS2. 1 bottle is 100gms and you dilute it with 1 lt of distilled water. Add about 2-4 tblspns of the k salt solution to your juices and food.

    The rule about sugar is this. If you eat anything that is sweet, eg. rambutans, lychees or longans, etc. you must moderate intake or avoided it all together. So some fruits like bananas (one a day or half if the banana is big) or papaya (a small slice a day).

    Oil is also commonly found in some fruits (eg. avacado) and seeds (high in oil and protein) should also be avoided. Flax seed oil helps to stimulate the immune system and kills the tumor tissue, is the only oil permitted and even that you have to limit it to say two tblspns a day. It cannot be used on hot foods, rather on cold salads or drink it raw.

    If possible, you must avoid all outside food for the time being. If you are hungry, you can take plan organic oats (maybe add a few raisins) or organic honey (limited to two teaspoons a day). You can also take two slices of rye bread a day spread with home made applesauce.

    Do not let temporary setback distract you. Like a roller coaster ride and you just have to hang in there. You will emerge the victor.

  7. Thanksgor the tips n explanations. It has been most helpful. I can live w bland food quite well, so it works fine w it but sometimes I don't see the rationale so thanks for the explanation. I will be checking out new life. Which row of shops? Kfc?

  8. It's good to know you can take plain food. The average time for rehabilitation of the immune system is about two years, so this diet is only temporary.

    Newlife is on the main road of SS2, a few shop lots from Affin Bank.

  9. Hi Bunny,

    Not sure if you know where to get LDN in KL , therefore i thought i'd share with you an article i found on making some for your own. Narpan is the brand name by local manufacturer DuoPharma. Drop 1 tab into a small bottle containing 50ml of distilled water, shake and let dissolve. LDN isnot soluble, gets cloudy and taste awful. Store in refrigerator and use a 5ML syringe to extract 4.5ML for nightly consumption. Hope this helps. God bless and take care.

  10. oh yes, few years back i saw Tony Robbins on video talking about alkaline intake as a remedy to improve autoimmune system as a gradual amount of alkaline in your blood stream helps to regulate most organs to operate at a more efficient level. i went out to a pharmacy, got myself a bottle of Liquid Chlorophyll. I mix a minimum of 30ml to a bottle of 1.5 liter botel and that became my drinking water daily. Before you go on this regime, you need to do a detox that requires a high dose of about 1 bottle mixed in a 5L bottle of water and finished within 2 days. Not to worry, you cant get an overdose of Chlorophyll. This here is the fastest way to boost up. I swear this works :) Good luck !

  11. Thanks Zeb for the good tips. I pray u get your ldn supply soon from (india).

  12. Hi Liz,
    I am Karen here. I am interested in asking your help on LDN. How can I get in touch with you?
    I am not trying to sell you anything but I just want to know more about the product that you have taken.