Sunday, January 30, 2011

Update - Shepherds Pie and overcoming anxiety

Oh this is so cool. I found a way to copy the photo of yesterday's dinner (which Henry emailed to me) into the post using the URL. There wasn't any URL but it worked anyway when I pasted it. New discovery everyday!

Henry was reading the Sunday Star yesterday and was talking about how he missed Shepherds Pie from his boarding school days. I suppose it is lovely comfort food in a cold country. I always thought Shepherds Pie had fish in it for some reason but should have thought better after all it says ' shepherd', it should be 'lamb' right? Duh. Anyway, I had a look at the picture of the pie and the Sheperds Pie recipe in the newspaper and thought "Hey, sounds easy enough". I have so much vege in my fridge that the only missing ingredient was minced meat.

I used a mixture of minced chicken and beef instead ( about 400g), 1 carrot, 1 zucchini and half a parsnip and 3 huge russet potatoes and amazingly the whole concoction fit well into my 12 in by 7 in rectangle dish. Henry loved it coz he ate most of it. Both our boys were screaming "I hate pies! I hate pies" but they liked it and ate it in the end. Looks like Henry loved it more than the boys. I just had a bit for taste and had pumpkin soup instead which was prepared by my mum.

I was so exhausted yesterday from going to church and cooking but happy. :) For the first time in two weeks, I slept the whole night through. Even Henry was surprised.

Since taking the low dose naltrexone, I had difficulty sleeping because I thought I had to be asleep between 2 am to 4 am for the endorphins to be released. For the first two night, I kept waking up at the time I was supposed to be asleep. On the second night, I was feeling anxious but God was watching me. I was thinking why am I putting more emphasis on the drug then on God. Don't I trust that God would use the drug in the way He would. So I repented and cast all my cares upon Him.

While I was casting my cares unto God, two smses came in from Steven Lee. Even Henry stirred and prayed for me. After that I found out that Steven Lee had sent me two bible verses about casting my cares unto Him and crying out to Him morning, noon and night. Praise the Lord! The following night, I was still up at 1 am but I was hungry so I decided to just eat and returned to bed. Last night was perfect, no anxiety, no waking up, restful sleep. Thank you to all my friends praying for me! :)

Henry told me that one of the side effects of the ldn drug is a feeling of anxiety. What? Anyway, God is good and took care of me! Praise the Lord!


  1. OOooo sheperd´s pie! I love them!! :D

    In the midst of the busy bustle in church yesterday, I forgotten to request to take a last pic with you :(

    Anyways... God bless... Will be praying for you even when I´m there. Take care Liz... send my love to Henry too :)

  2. Hi Patricia,
    Neh, it won't be last time we see each other. We will have lots of other times together...maybe when I visit Germany next...he he..I will be praying for u n your family too. Keep soaking in God's words and u will be well! Lots and lots of love from Henry and I and the boys and little Ethan said " yes, Amelia" he remembered her name from VBS! Lol