Friday, January 21, 2011

Aunty Judy accepts Jesus!

Aunty Judy who supplies e excel products to me and follows my journey has become a Christian! The day she told me, I was rejoicing and gave her a great big hug! It is such a joyous occasion! She said she had so many christian friends trying to reach out to her over many many years and have been following my blog and one day, The holy spirit convicted her heart. Praise the Lord! She is totally transformed and wanting always to share what she has learned. She told me she cried during praise session last Wednesday and asked the lady next to her why she was crying! She was experiencing God, His love, the holy spirit. Praise the Lord! My mum told her if someone were to tell her that before she became a Christian, she would not have believed that this is possible. She has so much joy in her now. And today she shared with a 9 year old boy that recalled the whole bible from Genesis to Revelation. She finds it really useful because her knowledge of the bible is almost zero. Here is the website:

9 year old recaps what he has learned from daily bible reading

I pray you will be blessed! :)

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