Sunday, January 23, 2011

Update - Selayang hospital visit

In a bizarre twist of events, the first person that greeted me at Selayang hospital early this morning was Henry's cousin who has been attached to the Palliative Care Unit for these 2 months. Suddenly, I felt so at home and she did tell me everyone here is very friendly. But I did sense the hopelessness in her eyes as I told her about low dose naltrexone and looking for a cure. Amazingly, I ended discussing the issue of naltrexone with two doctors (not including Henry's cousin) instead of one. Interestingly, he had heard of a pancreatic cancer patient who was looking for the same drug and he reckons it is currently being administered by an oncologist.

In order to prescribe this drug to me, he would have to speak to a small community of oncologists as well as carry out some research particularly if it has been published in any medical journals. He said he would revert in a couple of days.

So there! The trip was amazingly smooth, minimal waiting time, we did not get lost and no charge (although he gave me some painkillers just in case). Praise the Lord!

On alternative treatment, I don't think this is the place to search for it although i sense this is definitely the place that God has opened the door for the naltrexone drug if our other source does not materialize. If indeed we can get hold of the drug, this place would be able to monitor me on the intake of it.

I can't wait to see what God has in store for us next. Whatever, it is I ask that there would be no pain involved. If I could only touch God and get that one word from Him, I will be healed. I must say that pain helped me turn to God even stronger and I had to dig deeper that God is still with me and I can trust Him. Just only 2 weeks but He has shown me that as I trust in Him more and more, healing will start to flow because it is sinking deeper and deeper into my spirit man that God is always there for me and He is always in control and all His timing and ways are perfect. And he showed me His miracle last Friday when I did not need painkillers anymore. My home group then turned our prayer session into praise session last Friday! What the devil meant to discourage me and bring me hopelessness has made me stronger in Him. Now I realize that the most important thing is to build my trust in Him for He never lets me go and be in His presence. How to get there? Praise Him, cry out to Him, just genuinely seek Him.

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