Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Healing session with Ps Elisa

Healing session with Ps Elisa

I went to meet Ps Elisa last night from Western Australia. Alvin had sweetly arranged this meeting specially for me and I was honored that she would meet us at a house rather than at a healing rally. Alvin, alvin's dad and I went to meet her. We heard that she has the gift of healing. She is only 30, sweet and full of life!

She shared how she met a man at Brickfields yesterday with stomach problems and as she prayed for him, he felt something cold in his stomach and then the stomach discomfort went away. She told him it was Jesus who healed him. You can see that her passion is for others to know Jesus and have a real intimate relationship with him.

She shared with me how in Australia one day, she suddenly had a huge burden to pray for Eva (who was suffering from lung cancer for two years then). Ps Elisa was crying and just had to go over to Eva's place and Eva and her family were having dinner. She pulled Eva aside and said she just had to pray for her and she did and Eva got healed soon after.

There was also another man she prayed for. He had lung cancer and both his lungs collapsed and was dying in hospital. But his wife Bibiana had great faith and Ps Elisa when praying for him had a vision of a healthy man, shaking her hands and introducing himself to her and in her prayer, she brought those heavenly realities down to his body. A week later she met him at a conference. She could not recognize him but he came up to her and said "Do you remember me? You prayed for me and now I am healed!".

So, when she held my hand, she sensed it was the same presence of God that was just with me and she started to pray for me in understanding and also in the spirit. She called my cells not to be agravated but be in peace. She saw the cancer cells shrivel and die and blown away. She called the good cells to be normal and to start multiplying. She cast out the spirit of death. She saw God enveloping me in his love, he is kissing me and he has me in a cocoon and she said she sense that even as I go home and lie down in bed, I will just go on being in his presence and God will restore throughout that time. She said she sees so much going for me and that I have a destiny and a purpose and I was like nodding my head. But she said I need not be super religious for God sees our heart and knows what we love doing. It could be tending to a beautiful garden ( yeh! Like my mum!) or acting in a play ( yeh! Like Ps Elisa coz she will be performing as a clown in 'Circus' at the Temple of Fine Arts at Jln Berhala this 6 Feb) and still be able to reach out to the people around us in the small things that we do. She cast out the spirit of grief and she said sensed I was not fathered in a correct way growing up (whoa, the holy spirit sees all and knew that I was brought up in a broken family) and God was taking all my grief away. I never thought it was grief but the things I did in life to want attention or a relationship stems from this longing to be loved. She prayed for the holy spirit to breathe His life into me and suddenly I felt myself breathing harder because I wanted so much of the holy spirit to come into my lungs. I felt so much peace and calm and the warmth of her hands on my chest and back was most comforting. She also saw God forgiving me of all my past sins. I just cried so much during the whole prayer session, really touched by God. I felt I am healed and I just thanked God over and over again. :)

While she was praying for Alvin, I started to cough again, went to the toilet and coughed more. It was so itchy. And when finished praying for Alvin, she put her hand on my chest and back again and prayed again and cast out the spirit of affliction and called it a "liar" and commanded it to come out and I stopped coughing all the while she prayed. She looked at me and said it is not her but anybody can lay hands and pray. I just need to position myself for healing. I can ask for the holy spirit to come into me, the heavenly realities to invade my body. She said not to talk much but just continue soaking in God's presence. So, I just did that. :)

It was really such a wonderful healing session! By Jesus' stripes, I am healed. I knew it when I was diagnosed and when God spoke to me and Hamir brought me to all those healing sessions. But it is really a battlefield of the mind and standing on God's promises. Now, I learned three new things.

1. Trusting God by studying His character ( thanks king wai and Anthony) and knowing He is always there even when we can't see Him because we are His child. I knew all that but I think it finally sunk into my spirit man! Praise the Lord! Once we know that God is in control and he loves us so much, we can just cruise in life and not be afraid of anything. :)

2. To position myself to receive God's healing by pulling down heavenly realities into my body. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Still grasping this but for now, I will keep asking for the holy spirit to come and just know He is there rather than to call and wonder he is there or not. There is a difference.

3. To reject the lies of the enemy. I really succeeded the past 2 weeks with lots of prayers from all of you and using our authority to break that spiritual attack. I am beginning to see how the devil worked on me. Again, I know about angels and demons but I was brought so close to death (and that's just the bunny talking coz her threshold for pain is so pathetic), I really felt I was dying and then, I rejected it. It was a lie, just a lie! And now, I feel my body getting stronger and stronger. Praise the Lord!

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  1. Hi Liz,

    In your 3 things you learnt. At your point 2, "........ I will keep asking for the Holy Spirit to come and just know He is there rather than to call and wonder he is there or not. There is a difference."

    All Christians should know that the moment we have accepted Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior, the Holy Spirit has come into us; He has indwelled us. Without going into long exposition, although the Holy Spirit is a person (one of the Triune God), Scripture said that a "deposit" has come into us at born-again. This Spirit person of God, we really presently comprehend fully not, but we know from Scripture that we could have a bigger or smaller MEASURE of the Holy Spirit in us. The Bible said that Jesus was FULL of the Holy Spirit; the Holy Spirit had indwelled Him WITHOUT MEASURE, we say.

    As a believer, the Holy Spirit is always in us (He is indwelling us). The Holy Spirit can also be upon us, and He can also be around or about us.

    The Holy Spirit is gentle as dove, but He is also the most powerful. Because of His gentleness, we have to yield to Him, for as a matter of norm, He does not simply over-ride our free-will. Because He is God, sovereign and all powerful, we have to give Him His due reverence (fear of the Lord, we say). In some way, He is like the King who had come incognito into your home, as a guest. He sees, but He refrains, as guest, unless you, as the owner, give sanction for Him to intervene, but He is there. The King is not just him alone; all the power, resources and everything that can be at His disposal (fullness) is in fact resting in him (although not physically if you picture a human king). Now, the Holy Spirit is like that, in a way. And so, when we ask for the Holy Spirit to come, we are saying to let the fullness of Him come. At no moment do we regard the Holy Spirit as a force, but it is alright for us to pray or ask for more of the Holy Spirit. We have to have the correct understanding, and God, on His part, is not legalistic; we can pray for the Holy Spirit to come, although we know the Holy Spirit is in us and in the believer who we are praying for. Never wonder if He is there or not; He is there if you are a believer.

    For the man who has the King incognito as his guest, when he knows the truth, that the guest is indeed the King, what do you think his heart condition will be? As a believer, the King is with us, what is our heart condition? Know Him, and give Him the reverence due Him, and trust Him that He knows what He is doing for He is Wisdom, He is Holy and therefore always righteous, and He is love and faithfulness.

    Papa eagle is with you, Liz.
    Anthony Chia