Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Getting to Elpizo at SIB, PJ

Getting to Elpizo at SIB, PJ

Elpizo (the christian cancer support group set up by Sherry Lim) has moved to SIB. It was like going for a treasure hunt yesterday getting there. The trick is to follow closely to the directions given! Else, you will be frustrated and end up in circles or trying various lifts but never surfacing!

SIB is located at Bangunan Yin near Eastin Hotel in PJ. The address and map is at this website:


It is off the sprint highway. Once you locate Eastin hotel on your left, pass it and go towards Bgn Yin. You can see a big RED billboard 'Ambank No. 1' ahead of you. Go to the car park under this big billboard into Bgn Yin ie "Entrance 1" per map above.

This is where the adventure starts!

Once you are in the car park, keep following the sign that says "P" and "B3". Finally, after many turns and levels, you will reach B3. Look for pillars G 46 and G 47. Once you find it, go up a small ramp BETWEEN these pillars that brings you into another parking area. There are lots of parking space here early Tuesday morning. Park near the GREY DOOR that leads you to the lifts. Take the lift to level 4 and the Elpizo room is just opposite the lifts.

Very easy when you follow the directions. Very frustrating otherwise. Happy hunting!

Elpizo meet
Every fortnight Tuesdays
10 am to 12 pm.
Organic lunch provided
Next meet: 24 Feb (coz none during chinese new year)

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