Monday, January 17, 2011

Update - no pain!

Thank u so much for all your prayers. Things have been falling together since my last blog this morning, all glory to God. First I found the pain killer but I don't think it did much. Then I called hamir n he was at lake gardens praying for me n he was so happy I called at the right time. So he sang songs to God, sensed my hopelessness and discouragement, prayed for me in understanding and in tongues n I just sensed God's presence after that. So he told me to put down the phone n just continue enjoying his presence. I continued praising Him but it was tough w my croaky voice but I just persevered n then i broke down n cried n my mum stepped into the house just then n prayed w me. Then Henry stepped in with painkillers from dr foo SJMC n I took them and mum gave me dr xenegy by Elken to relieve the bloated stomach. Then mrs gong whom I met at elpizo called me n prayed w me and gave me some scripture to meditate on n then I slept so well coz the drug took effect.

Now I am feeling good, absolutely no pain, I've let out a lot of air because of dr xenegy product and I had such a good rest and I am bright n chirpy now n wanting to praise God! My mum said it is like magic. A 180 degree turn. All praise n glory to God who loves us so!


  1. Hi Liz,

    Indeed, thank the Lord for the many who have pressed in for you. I am so happy for you that many have loved you enough to pray and intercede for you.

    I pray that more will join to lift you up.

    When we are able,we praise Him;
    When we are less able, we praise Him;
    When we are unable, we still praise Him;
    Lord, we shall praise You always;
    Just because you are God;
    Just because you are our Creator;
    Just because you first love us.

    Liz, good to hear you are better.
    Anthony Chia

  2. HI LIZ

    Thinking and praying for you and family...don't try to be strong - let Him be your strength. He is holding you in his arms!

    I found a really good artist. I love her music..Here's one for you. "Held" was the first song I heard and loved but this one is just about who Jesus is and what he did for us!

    Love wendy

  3. Hi Anthony, thanks so much for your comments, I am reminded again to praise Him even when I am less able. I should have done just that. :)

    Hi Wendy, hey greatvto hear from you. I really need to learn to surrender more to God. Will check out the song. Thanks Wendy!