Monday, January 10, 2011

Maid headache

Maid headache

Yesterday we had our own trouble with our maid but this time it was the agency that let us down. Our maid was sent to the agency to renew her visa but instead of sending our maid back to us, they asked her to take a taxi back home ( with her passport)! We thought it was so unprofessional of them because there has been so many cases of maids running away, even without passports - what more with passports.

Henry came home fuming mad, kids were wailing, Nic missed kakak Sadiah, Ethan missed the maid before her and so there were tears and anger in the home. Also, Ethan punched Nic's eye which was the real reason why he was crying ie. out of guilt! As i put Nic and Ethan to bed, i could still hear Henry's angry voice going on and on and on.....with the agency I guess.

I would normally go with the flow and also blame the agency but now I see trials like this is an opportunity to draw closer to God and to tap on His divine power, to see His power at work and to thank Him for delivering us once again. So, we prayed for God's hand to be upon us, we bound and broke all devil at work scheming to take our maid away from us, we cast down all the arguments, the plans of the devil that rises up against God's will for our family. We prayed for thousands upon thousands on angels to go to Sadiah's midst, to do battle with the devil and to guide Sadiah home to us. We prayed we would trust in God and not go with our emotions knowing that He will deliver us from all our troubles in Jesus' name.

I could still hear Henry say over the phone to the agency "Lari means larilah, there is no point to wait till tomorrow" (lari= run away). That was the hopelessness that was in our house yesterday.

But at 5.30 am this morning, Henry came downstairs and said "Looks like God has answered our prayers" and showed me a sms from our maid. According to her, she swears by God that she fainted last night while catching a cab and thankfully managed to call a friend to help her before she passed out and she would be coming home this morning!

Praise the Lord! Thank you Jesus! I asked the boys to thank Jesus and we prayed again for angels with swords of fire to be around Sadiah to guide her home to us. That roused Ethan's interest as he demonstrated how it is done. I told Ethan "Isn't Jesus so powerful?" and he nodded.

Two nights ago, Henry had a dream that he could not open his eyes and he felt suppressed. He said he told the devil that the God who is in Him is greater than he in the world and he woke up. But he shared that he thinks it was because he was too tired. There are many nights that we are tired but these things don't happen all the time. I pray we will recognize the evil forces at work. That was a dream from the devil to steal, kill and destroy and last night, it attempted to do just that. Actually, what Henry and I should have done was to pray in agreement just like last night to reject the devil and to break the power of the enemy in Jesus' name so that yesterday's episode won't happen or if it still happened, we know that God is in control because we had already said the prayer and we know, without getting too worked up, that He will deliver us.

For me, I pondered how the devil always has some nasty trick up its sleeves before my hospital scan - to kill, steal and destroy whatever joy that God has in store for us. Today, I can expect victory in God no matter what the ct scan shows this morning at SJMC because we overcame darkness by trusting in God last night and also because whoever hopes in the Lord shall not be disappointed. They say the greater the spiritual attack, the greater the blessing that is coming our way!

I continue to walk by faith and not by sight. I continue to hold on to my rhema of Isaiah 7 that the cancer will not rise up, it will not happen, it will not take place. It will be too shattered and I only need to stand firm in my faith and it will be established. I claim that by Jesus' stripes I am healed. I claim that God sent His word and is healing me right now. I claim that His word brings life and health to my flesh and I ask for the holy spirit, the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead to quicken my entire body. Oh my soul, praise the Lord! My lungs, my every cell and pore of my body, receive God's healing right now as it is being poured out from my spirit, into my soul and into my body. I thank you Jesus. I believe, i receive your healing. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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