Saturday, January 22, 2011

Update And sermon about Holy Spirit

It is Sunday today but feeling too weak to go to church. Yesterday, I cheated and took a Panadeine pain killer so I could be more comfortable to pray to God and especially for YS who is in hospital now because she had not had bowel movement since around the same time as me, I think around Monday. She is feeling weak with nutrients being fed into her chemo pod. Oh, please pray that she will get bowel movement by today or else she will be up for surgery tomorrow.

I am just turning my gaze to Jesus and not letting the discomfort get me down. I remember when Hamir was singing praises over the phone, something inside me woke up, the discouragement and hopelessness left me and I cried and started worshipping God again. This morning I started with the song "I exalt Thee", just like that singing it over and over again brought me back into the presence of God. I continued playing praise songs and just now, I just finished listening to a sermon from Calvary Church Melbourne in Florida. Thanks Winnie!

Thought I would share with you in case you finish hearing your sermons from PBC (, you can hear more from this website. You would need to register first and remember your login details but I assure you, it is worth it. :)


I pray you will be blessed! :)

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